Spring Canvas: Mom & Me

14-02-27 BGM&M original canvas

I always like to have a canvas of the season to stitch, so I’m starting a new/old project. This is an old canvas from Beau Jeste; I always liked the top 2/3 of this canvas but the bottom third not so much. Anyway the canvas was given to me by a fellow stitcher and so I decided to alter the canvas to fit my needs.

I wanted the border to also be symmetrical and that meant the opposing corners needed to match. I’ve drawn on a 14-02-27 BGM&M1 canvas to be paintedpicture of the original canvas how I expect the corners should look and where I need to paint out the canvas…see circles with green lines and dashed area.

I also noticed that the crocus at the bottom are  not symmetrical or centered; so I decided to white them out too. I will develop a pattern using the computer to fill the flowers back in. The dashed lines show the area to be whited out.

14-02-27 BGM&M2 canvas  paintedI used Liquitex acrylic white and whited everything from the bunnies down. I did not need to cover the canvas well as I am going to use the purples to stitch the canvas.  I just wanted a semi-blank canvas to stitch over. I will allow the canvas to dry for a couple days.

I don’t usually like to stitch the outer parts of a canvas first but I needed to establish the border before I know how many horizontal and vertical threads I needed for the flowers. I’m going to start stitching the inner borders first.

It’s going to be cold and wet here again this week-end and next week, so I hope I will have plenty of time to stitch. I also have plenty of computer work to do also,

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have time to stitch today! ttfn…sue

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