My Stitched Value Scales

I think I am becoming a juggler…I have four different projects in varying degrees of completion and a zillion roaming around my brain clogging up the work some days. I would love to blog about all but just do not seem to have enough hours in my day to get done what I need to do.
The last couple weeks I played around with the value scales and came up OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwith seven different ones. I finished them and even made scissor fobs to go with them until I decided that was not really what I was going to do with them…still not sure what I am going to do with all of them but for right now the value scales are going in my Values of Gray notebook.
13-9-19 ADS value scale w numbersI am going to give you the thread numbers I used on all the brand value scales but I am not going to give you the numbers on my value scale (shown below). Everyone sees their own colors and I want your scale to be yours. I think you should have a couple brand choices (remember you can Google the brands and come up with many resources to obtain these flosses.) But if you are limited 13-9-19 Fa-c value scale w numbersby availability or cost to one brand of floss, pick the about 5 grays that work for you and a black and white. Value Scale numbers:

Anchor Floss: #1, 397, 234, 398, 399, 235, 400, 236, 403.

DMC Floss: #blanc, 762, 415, 318, 414, 317, 413, 310.

Finca Floss A: 0001, 8767, 8773, 8779, 8785, 8705, 0007.

Finca Floss B: 0001, 8688, 8898, 8779, 8785, 8705, 0007.

Finca Floss C: 1000, 8728, 8742, 8749, 8756, 0007.

Sullivans Floss: 445002, 45091, 45059, 45090, 45058, 45089, 45397.

13-9-19 my value scale
I’m off to do more stitching on the Values of Gray project and juggle a couple other projects in here and there too (oh yes and don’t forget food, laundry and cleaning.)
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have time to stitch today!

2 thoughts on “My Stitched Value Scales

    • If your value sale is lager than mine…3799 would go between 310 and 413. No matter how many values you use, keep the steps as even to your eye as possible.

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