Gardens and stitching

I never thought I’d live to say this, but…” I love my patio and yard.” And it is all thanks to joining households and a son who loves to garden. He did not get this from his father and me, we are maintain only and I can kill a plant at twenty feet just by looking at it. And his grandmother was “allergic” to the sun; I will give her the fact that she was very fair of skin and hated heat. He must have gotten it from his two great grandmothers who were master gardeners of their day and had beautiful yards and gardens. I remember all too well picking flowers in one of those gardens a few days before a garden luncheon…Good thing I was an only child, and the darling of my grandmother’s eye…the following years I did have my own flower picking garden in both grandmother’s yards. But Scott loves to garden and he is very good at it; he resurrected a rubber tree plant I had with one pathetic leaf on it to this….


He kept my poinsettias alive so I could get one red leaf (see and they are still alive in the garden today…two years and holding their own.
Years ago, I worked at a needlepoint shop with Joan Lewis, she said pray for hot weather. I couldn’t imagine why since Midwest hot weather is just one step below dessert temps with awful humidity; kinda like a sauna without the benefits. But I asked anyway, “Why?” Her reply was simple, “Needlepointers are out in their yards enjoying their gardens and we want them to needlepoint instead of gardening.” Since I am not green thumbed this meant nothing to me,
But now I understand… my garden/yard art is wonderful…from to all this…and plants too.

These are blocks Scott placed on metal dowels by the front door. We all painted or added our own touches to several of the blocks. Each block freely spins…

D blacks at frnt doorBlocks spin

We have a birdbath painted with all the bird cartoon characters;a fountain made from a watering can and old washing tub; and a pond with trickling water.

painted this birdbath and put all cartoon birds on it...too cute for the birds

painted this birdbath and put all cartoon birds on it…too cute for the birds

13-06-18 patio 1ountainpond

We have stepping stone feet, silverware wind chime, a wooden table top made after glass broke in a storm and a potting stand made from crate pallets.

stepping stones made to look like feet

stepping stones made to look like feet

silverware chime

recycled broken glass table into wood tabletop

recycled broken glass table into wood tabletop

made from pallet crates

made from pallet crates

And our newest addition  a fire pit with the yard master himself. He saw the bricks on Craig’s list one day, free and just went over and picked them up and made a fir pit. Oh I wish I were so creative!

built a fire pit in  one night with bricks he picked up free from Craigs list

It’s no wonder I haven’t time to blog…I’m loving the patio and gardens! Thank you Scott and I promise I won’t talk to the plants, try to avoid staring at the plants too long, and I won’t pick the flowers or plants.

I have been needlepointing and when the weather gets hot I’ll get back to blogging regularly again…for now you can find me most days and evenings on the patio stitching, napping or computing.

Until then… Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have time to enjoy your garden AND to stitch today!

2 thoughts on “Gardens and stitching

  1. We’ve had so much rain this spring, my perennial garden is going nuts, and an itinerant fox is keeping the rabbits away–woohoo!

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