IFTG: It’s Friday, thank God

I think that phase is suppose to be TGIF ( Thank God it is Friday) but mine means where has the week gone. Have no pictures to share with you, unless you would like me to take one of my messy desk; I don’t ever seem to be able to keep this clear very often.

I’ve done stitches for a new stitch guide for a teacher/designer and I have tweaked a couple others that needed tweaking. Yes teachers/designers do correct their instructions…well at least the few I do stitch graphs for do. BUT, remember some designer/teachers print in large quantities to get a printing discount and so it may take a few classes to see those changes.

I am getting close to printing one of those projects and I have had a guild and 6 people check over the project and I know there are still going to be mistakes. We all read what we want to read or what we think is there. Sometimes errors are small a two for a to, a miss numbering, or just a typo no one sees until you get the final project.  Even with “spell and grammar checker” there are mistakes…please be patient with us… we try to get it right.

That said…I think if you move an incorrect instruction or stitch diagram (numbering is wrong or stitch placement is incorrect) from one teaching piece to another without correcting is not fair to the student/ purchaser.  I do know this happens AND it is my pet peeve. (I know I am too close to this too)

Okay, this was just going to be “I’m sorry I don’t have more to say” post for the week not a soapbox stand.  So, after I post this I’m off to First Fridays at the antique shops in the west bottoms (http://www.westbottoms.com/) for inspiration and finds I can’t live without. 

I have stitched this week and maybe next week will show this project…

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have time to stitch today!


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