Books to start the new year

My DH is getting good at using my Amazon Wish List and I am grateful. This year I was getting ready to order my usual Christmas book for myself when two packages arrive from Amazon. Since I hadn’t ordered anything I asked DH and low and behold they were for me…lucky me getting the perfect gift something from my want list and a Christmas read too. 😉
My 2012 Christmas books are:

Granny Square Book

Granny Square Book

The Granny Square Book by Margaret Hubert. I can’t knit one stitch but crochet is up my alley and Granny squares are a three generation favorite in my family. And January is yarn sale month at Joann’s and local knit shop so I think I see a Granny Square something in my future. As I looked through this book all I could think about was Carrie Hall who had wanted to make a quilt of each pattern available, but soon decided that was an impossible task and so settled on trying to making one of every quilt block she knew. This quilt block collection is part of Spencer Gallery of Art at KU ( ) Lawrence Kansas and the subject of the book, The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt by Carrie A. Hall and Rose Kretsinger. The different granny squares remind me of those quilt blocks. Maybe I’ll make a quilt with different crocheted blocks.

The Pattern Book

The Pattern Book

The next book is The Pattern Library Needlepoint, edited by Amy Carrol. I have a friend who has this book; I have always liked it and have had it on my want list even when it wasn’t always available. This 96 page book has many of the typical stitches with stitch diagrams and uses (i.e. Gobelin, knitting stitch, diagonal mosaic…) but each of these stitches is shown stitched using different color threads to make a pattern within the stitch. There are 15 pages of bargello patterns, and a section on borders, stripes and corners. It’s a great little reference book for any needlepoint library. Note: I think I noticed in Amy Bunger’s January newsletter (, she has one for sale too.

Embroidered Portraits

Embroidered Portraits

My final gift book is: Embroidered Portraits by Jan Messent. Jan writes great how to books that are full of good advice and inspiration. She shows faces in full, profile and three-quarter, some are stitched and some are painted. She layers the areas and gives hints on stitching. I had forgotten from my art class days that woman’s necks appear longer than men’s necks…it’s one of those things you know but the reminder is refreshing. I really liked this book and I am even contemplating making a portrait of my grandmother in needlepoint.

Three heads

Three heads

When you have three good books to start the new year, the year is off to a good start! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have time to stitch today!


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