Let’s try this again…

I know March 29th was my last post…Seven months without a post, not good. Lotta water has flown under my bridge since then. BUT I want to take this first post to thank all of you who kept checking in to see if I had dropped off the face of the planet and thanks to everyone who wrote notes. I know I have been gone for a long, long time but life changed this spring, summer and now fall. First in March I had an infection and had bad reactions to the medications; then in April I had double pneumonia, and I thought I was never going to feel the same again.  I had commitments to teachers who were busy writing instructions for great new designs; and my house was one big dust bunny and I felt lousy. I really became overwhelmed and sometimes depressed.

Our oldest grandson, who had lived with us most of his life, had decided to spread his wings and fly on his own. So I mentioned to the family that Dad I were getting older, the house was too big for us and I was too tired to keep up a big house and do what I wanted to do.  Within a month of this our oldest son came to us with a proposition. His family was shrinking too…his oldest son is in the Navy, second son graduated from high school and only two left at home (one in high school the other middle school). He has always loved this house and it has been the family homestead for many years…my parents had bought this home in the 60’s, my grandmother lived here, we moved back to help my mother in the 90’s and added on to the house, all the boys have lived here at one time or another………………. What would we think about combining households? Well, after the initial shock and the realization that we have seldom been empty nesters; talking it over with the other sons (Their reaction was …well at least we won’t have to take care or the two old _arts); it was decided to combine households. A logical solution but no easy task…we spent the summer rearranging and regrouping. We had two garage sales, and still have a basement full of generations of stuff but are sorting through it slowly but surely.

With summer over, we thought life was calming down and getting back to “our normal” but Mike (DH) decided that life was too slow and decided to throw a little heart problem into our mix. So one cardiac cath and stint later we are back on track. We are settled into a routine of sorts and maybe life will calm down.

I have spent several days reflecting over the past few months…lots of changes! Many good friends are no longer with us; other friends have had major changes in their lives also and Mike and I are embarking on a new phase of our lives. I really feel that the changes in our life are for the good and the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.  My house is cleaner, I don’t cook unless I want to do it, and my yard has never looked better (despite the hot summer and drought we experienced this summer). I am a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason” and “God does not shut one door without opening another.” Yes, I’m an optimist looking through pessimistic glasses…need to cover all my bases.

AND I did get to stitch this summer, didn’t do much in April and May but have been stitching off and on when I have.  I have lots to share and will try and get back to blogging regularly soon. Thank you again to all who have dropped in to see if I have posted anything and until the next time …

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have time to vote today! Freedom is a privilege, not a right and we exercise that privilege by voting. And after you vote come home and stitch the day away!


One thought on “Let’s try this again…

  1. Hi Sue, Thank you for this vote of confidence you left on my blog about the needlebook course. I just read how you’ve had a rocky last six months. I hope the next six are more settled and you can enjoy more of things you love.

    I’m re-inviting you to the Hari-kuyo blog. Not sure if the old one works. If you have it in you to finish your book, perhaps this group will inspire you. If not, no pressure. You can view the videos in another year if you’d like. I just want to make sure I have your most recent email. Could you send it to me please? Your comment didn’t have your email address included for me to reply by mail.

    All the best,

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