Before I go off on my new tangent…my eye is much better. Sunday I stitched some and yesterday, well you’ll see… I spent the day playing…

I have a new distraction at my house, it is a gift from another family member who knew I would love it…DH take note. I am now the proud owner of an Android tablet, a Toshiba Thrive…couldn’t be more excited! 😉 Now before everyone jumps in and reminds me it is not an Ipad…I know…but I have a Windows computer and an Android smart phone so it makes no sense to me to have an ipad.

Trust me, I started out as an Apple devotee and still would be with Mac if my graphic program were written in that format. But about 5 years ago Canvas by Deneba sold to ACD Systems (http://www.acdsee.com/en/index) and they stopped supporting the Mac format. I know Canvas like the back of my hand and I have been with them since version 3 (maybe 2) and we are at version 12 now. I’m an old dog and when it comes to graphic computer programs too old to relearn. No matter what computer program you use, there is a learning curve…and I have self-taught myself this one.

Yesterday I spent playing. I had this little angel sitting on my shoulder reminding me I had plenty of things to to do but then the little red angle (remember the devil started out as an angel)  would knock off my other angel and say just a few more minutes. Well, a few more minutes turned into all day, BUT I had fun!

Today, I have left my toy up by my bed hoping I won’t be distracted. I am going to work first, stitch and then play. (I’ll probably be up all night.) But I had to share with everyone, I am so excited, thrilled…I’d do a happy dance but I’d probably fall down and hurt myself.

I do have a question for all those out there who have written apps for the mac…why not android too? I’m going to contact Suzy (http://stitcherie.ning.com/profile/SuZyMurphy), Sandra Arthur (http://duodesignsinc.com/wpsite/), and Ruth Schmuff (http://stitcherie.ning.com/main/search/search?q=ruth+schmuff) and ask this question. Maybe thy will answer here or at least answer me and I’ll post it.

sudu note: Have heard from 2 out of three  needlepoint authors, thanks for answering so quickly. And the answer is: $ and “market research shows that there are not yet enough out there (think they are refering to Android users) yet to justify the cost “.  Someday!

Need to get work done today…

Hope everyone has time to stitch today!  ttfn…sue

4 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Oh we got the Kindle Fire this Christmas. I love it! It would be great if some of these author’s would put their books in Android format. I just bought Jo Christensen’s The Needlepoint Book in digital format even though I already have it in hardback.

  2. Congratulations on your new tablet! I know what you mean about programs- once you start working with something it’s very hard to change. Hope your eye continues to feel better. And thanks for entering my giveaway- good luck!

  3. Hi Sue, Have been spending some time reading your blog this morning, really enjoy it! Wanted to comment on your question about apps for apple vs. android from a developer perspective.

    1. The tools aren’t nearly as good for building Android apps. The emulator crashes, the memory management isn’t nearly as good, etc etc.

    2. On Apple you really are building for one device, one API, and you don’t have to worry about making sure your UI works on different resolutions, different hardware. On Android you not only have to worry about a ton of different hardware, but most users aren’t yet on the latest software either so there’s a ton of variables you have to both design for and test for.

    Hope that helps, hopefully one day it will be easier to develop across all platforms for Android. I know there are a lot of users out there that would love to have the same apps as apple users!

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