Looking back and Happy New Year

I always look forward to the time between Christmas and New Year’s…it is MY time or so I like to think. I usually spend time organizing my calendar for the following year (birthdays and such), reading my Christmas books (always make sure Santa leaves a couple of these) and generally just reflecting on the past year.

My mother was the epitome of organization for her day. In my basement are notebooks of old photo of the generations gone by; sorted by person. This year, DH and I bought a scanner as a present to ourselves…we have promised ourselves to organize all the slides and pictures we have accumulated in 45+ years (we did come to the marriage with some of our own pictures.) So this week we have been scanning boxes of slides into our computer. This has been a true trip down memory lane…now we are deciding how to get these pictures to all those people who are featured in our archive of memories.

I also have been a very good girl about taking pictures of whatever creations I have made.

I went through a wood cut out period when country decorating was big. This was one of my favotires…tulips

I also did cross stitch and made them into aprons for everyone I knew.

I made vestments for a local Catholic high school…these were reversible green and purple or gold and red.

And this led to making banners for Mary for a local church.

But my real love has always been needlepoint and I even painted a few canvases.


Hope everyone has time to reflection 2011 and the hope of 2012. My wish for everyone is much happiness, peace and lots of stitching time…Happy 2012!

Until next year…I hope everyone has time to stitch!  ttfn…sue

Author: sudukc

I was taught that everyday you should learn something new, so I consider myself a needle artist in training. I may have more experience than some but I know there are needlepointers out there who have forgotten more than I will ever learn. I am a member of the American Needlepoint Guild (ANG), have completed the Fellow Level of ANG Teacher certification and am a member of TNNA. I also love to stitch using my computer...I do stitch diagrams for national teachers, needlework shops and my own business sd designs. In my other life, I am a wife, mother of 3 sons & GRANDmother to nine GRANDchildren (only 3 girls here too).

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