Happy Thanksgiving or a 3 C week

I am in the middle of the three C’s this week: Cleaning, Cooking and Computing. Mostly cleaning and cooking since I am having two Thanksgiving dinners this year; 1st on the day, everybody has to eat and then on Sunday with all the family and friends. And when you have a house full of people you have to make it presentable so they can mess it up…so I am cleaning. Not that I just clean when company is coming, because someone is here most every weekend for dinner.

But I cannot forget my computer. I like it better than TV. All the blogs (and especially the ones I follow and there are a bunch of these) are so much more interesting than the tripe on TV. My Mother said that every day you should learn something and I feel I do. Just reading all the neat and creative things others do is so humbling to me. I do not hold a candle to you all, you are so creative and inspiring. Thank you!

But I thought I’d take time to share my turkeys with you…

These are the first six that started my collection. The one on the right was the very 1st and he came from a consignment store that supported the elderly by selling there crafts. I never get him out that I don’t think of all those wonderfully creative people who have come and gone in our lives. I had this poor lonely turkey sitting on my mantle with a bunch of candle sticks and my saintly Mother told me; “You decorate with a great Halloween display, and your Christmas is lovely; but your Thanksgiving display is not worth a $#!+***! Needless to say after picking myself up off the floor I simple replied, “Then go shopping.” And shopping she did, within a week I had the other five to start my collection. As I was arranging them on the mantle I noticed they bore a great resemblance to the men in my life at the time: Three sons, two grandsons and of course the patriarch of the flock. I assembled them pretty much like you see them in this picture and waited. That year on Thanksgiving it wasn’t long before one of my two legged turkeys came into the kitchen to tell me my turkey display was not funny. Before the day was out all my sons had made some comment…I guess they are either on my wave length or Humm, if the feathers fit….

And so grew another collection…The ones on the other side of the mantle are an eclectic collection I change every year. The turkey on the right is Janet Zickler Casey’s (http://www.jzcdesigns.com/index.htm) Tom-tom Turkey and his feathers are so pretty that when I display him on the mantle I pin his feathers on so you can see them. (Also showing you a picture of the back; the tail feathers are supposed to Velcro to the back) The Indian Girl, my mother started when she was in her late 80’s. She finished all but a few stitches so I finished her up and she proudly sits on the mantle every year. The Indian bear I have no idea whose painted canvas this is, and I always wanted a Pilgrim to go with him. The small ones in the front are a Hallmark do-dad on right and then these are two shell figures my Grandmother used in her village she set up every year. I painted the box years ago…it was my painting period and I loved hex signs. Always wanted to own a hex sign, but I never thought about the true size of them until we were in Pennsylvania and I saw them…oh my, BIG. The drum on the left is a Kathy Schenkel (http://www.kathyschenkel.com/index.htm) canvas piece; it was a long panel and no longer listed but if you ask she might paint it and my finisher Patty thought it made a perfect drum. There were two stalks of wheat but I only stitched one and I used a button for the turkey. I also have a larger version of the Kathy Schenkel turkey (HX107) (top shelf on the left in cabinet) I stitched with a stitch guide for my local shop. And of course, the picture of one of my Grandsons, who is in the Navy AND will be home for Christmas this year.

Okay I guess I have procrastinated long enough, the house is not cleaning itself. Thank you very much for stopping by to see what I am doing. I am grateful for all my family and friends, good health,  all of you who stop by to visit and for all those who take the time to write about your lives and creativity too.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and have time to stitch today and all week-end!  ttfn…sue

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving or a 3 C week

  1. Are all stitchers collectors of one thing or another, or is it just you and me? Your seasonal display is wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

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