Daphne’s Needlepoint

You have to see this! I wrote Daphne to get her permission to share her websites and she graciously agreed.  Thank you Daphne, you efforts should be shared with anyone who needlepoints. You are an inspiration to all of us.

Saturday Jane over at Chilly Hollow (http://chillyhollownp.blogspot.com/2011/11/daphne-goodyear-and-friends.html ) suggested a visit to Daphne Goodyear’s website: http://needleartartistry.org/home.html

Saturday evening, instead of watching TV or stitching, I spent the evening looking at Daphne’s website. What a treat this is! I was just amazed at all the
needlepoint, not only Daphne’s needlepoint, but her friends too. It was just
eye candy for the imagination. I can’t tell you what I liked best, it was all
beautiful. I was so impressed that I sent Daphne an email to let her know that
her efforts at sharing her needlepoint with the world had not gone unnoticed.

I wrote; “… your needlework and web site are incredible. I think you must have been born with a needle and thread in your hands and a head full of great imagination. Thank you for sharing with us…”

 Daphne wrote me back and graciously sent me a link to a book about her needlepoint: “You may be interested in a book I published with pictures and
descriptions of my needlepoint over the years. It is called Dancing With  Stitches. The following is a link. http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2210157. ”

Talk about a history of her stitching, this is something to see! Grab yourself a POT of chosen beverage  and settle in for a great morning of eye candy! I spent a wonderful Sunday  morning reading Daphne’s book(s); they are wonderful.

Then if you have ever wanted to go  on Pat Daltons’s Textile trip to China, fix another pot of your chosen beverage  and look at this book. The link is here: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2000280 or you can just click on the tab “Author’s Bookstore” And  if after looking at this book, you decide this trip is for you Daphne wrote me  that she is planning to go again in the Fall of 2012. Contact Daphne, or Pat  Dalton  (http://www.daltontours.com/index.html ) if interested.

There are teachers who inspire us and  teach us new techniques in needlework; there are authors who write and also  teach us about needlework; but the true artists of needlepoint are those people  who take those classes, read those books and then with their own threads,  colors and ideas produce works of art that reflect their personality and love  of the art. Daphne is one of those artists, truly one of the great  needlepointer’s of our day…what a treasure.

I don’t think Daphne and I have  ever met but I am sure we have mutual friends (I do know Pat, we took our first  class together at ANG…no year mentioned, it was a while ago and have run into  each other at several other ANG seminars.) And the other thing I know is I  would want to be Daphne’s friend; I am in awe of her talent and creativity. Just  visiting her website and book has made me want to stitch more and more.

Let your fingers walk over to  Daphne’s web pages and books…you will not believe this.

And  after looking at these links you will  make time to stitch today!


2 thoughts on “Daphne’s Needlepoint

  1. Thanks for exploring this further, Sue. Daphne is an artist with the needle, creating personal works of art that she shares. I had no idea about her book, though. It took you to reach out and find out the neatest things!

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