Candle project

I have a problem and I hope those of you who follow my blog may be able to offer assistance. Please feel free to comment here or email me privately.

I want to make needlepoint advent candles for each of my sons’ families. I have the design concept in my head, I have the threads in mind and of course the colors will be purple and pink; but for the life of me I cannot figure out the finishing. I can see the finished candles, I just cannot figure out how to do it and it may make a difference in how I stitch the tops and sides. I think it would be easier to access the candles from the top, but am not sure.   I am going to use either the small battery-powered candles that look like votive candles (option A and I think these would definitely have to be accessed from the top) or the table candles (option B and these probably could be accessed from either end). Each of these presents their own problems.

Option A: Votive candle will require an insert to set the candle on.

Option B: Full candle will also have to be accessible.

Either option needs: to be weighted; I would like the sides to be hard; I think the top would be easiest to remove to access the candles…

I thought about PVC pipe with a top area to hold votive, and a bottom area for weight, but I couldn’t find all the right parts to make these…I guess I could go to a plumbing shop and get some help, but it would probably be expensive to make these.

I also thought about making cardboard tubes but wasn’t sure this would be heavy enough. I can use aquarium gravel for the weight and make muslin bags to put gravel in.

I just can’t see the finishing and it is keeping me from starting because I am not sure until I make this decision how large the sides of the canvas will need to be to cover  the finishing forms. Any ideas? I’ll keep everyone posted.

Thank you for stopping by and spending a few moments with me; hope you have time to stitch today! ttfn…sue


2 thoughts on “Candle project

  1. I’m thinking of short, battery-operated Christmas candles you put on window sills, that would go inside a needlepointed tube open at top and bottom. That way you could finish the NP candle part the same as a napkin ring, only taller, obviously.

  2. Hi Sue,

    I like do like Anne’s idea as you could stitch and finish the needlepoint candles with an open top and bottom which would then just slip down around the window candle. Think of the decorative sleeves that you place around the candles on a chandalier.

    My thought was you could finish the candles in a normal cylinder shape as you would do any round up ornament. Then add poly pellets or whatever you want to use to the base to give it some weight so it will stand upright. Then fill up the cylinder with polyfill to the top. You can then fold down some of the needlepoint design into the center to meet a round circle of felt (base where you will place the battery votive) or just line the inside of the cylinder with felt. In other words, don’t reset the battery votive on top of the cylinder but nestle it down inside. You can still remove it to replace the battery or to insert a new battery votive. You would need to measure the depth of the battery votive to make sure that you line and insert the base far enough down inside the candle.

    If you want to use something a little sturdier to wrap the needlepoint around for the candle try a toilet paper or paper towel cardboard roll. Easier and cheaper than trying to cut and use piping.

    Hope this helps and I’ll be curious to see what you decide to do.

    This is a great idea!
    I’m imagining lot’s of beads around the candle to catch the light. 🙂

    Windy Meadow

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