My project: Pattern Couching

This is one of the projects I have been working on this summer.

BUT, this is my project, 51 pages about Pattern Couching. Choice of two projects with instructions

I agreed to do this for my guild and so I am going to let them be my pilot class too. After they are finished going over it and I get their feedback, I will revise the instructions and then it will be available for the general public…Hopefully my DH will have figured out a webpage/site for me by then.

This was not only a study of Pattern Couching for me, I had to enhance my stashes: books and threads 😉 Enhance I did…all for learning. I love it when I can say to DH, “but I had to get it for this project.” never mind that some of those threads I didn’t use this time…there is always another day (lol)…But we know that these threads just become part of the bigger picture…stash. And of course when that next project starts these leftover threads won’t be exactly right…Life is good.

There are more greens (Shamrock piece) than golds and other colors because I had  decided from the “get-go” that the Celtic Knot project needed to use
the same colors as my finished Jean Taggert Gaelic Gold class. Not a Sept 11th
and an October comes by, not a mammogram goes by, that I don’t think about Gaelic Gold and Jean and the victims of 9-11. I was privileged to take this class  in 2001 at the Washington DC ANG Seminar; it was the last national class that Jean taught. I loved every minute of this class.  I came home amid 9-11 and decided to finish this piece right away. I entered it in the NAN Exemplary ( ) in 2002 and on the entry form (just reread it…it is attached to back of picture) I read:

“I either said prayers for Jean and the victims of 9-11 or said
prayers of forgiveness for the bad words I was thinking stitching some areas of
this piece.\

There are more good prayers (stitches) than bad ones.”

Gaelic Gold also became known as “The Hail Mary piece” at my house. To this day it is one of my all time favorite pieces. It is fitting that I show this here…It is breast cancer awareness month and Jean succumbed to breast Cancer soon after this.

I also got a new computer, upgraded programs and even learned a few new tricks while writing these instructions. Amazing the things I am learning…so I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks. Stayed tuned…

The rest of the week-end, I am getting the instructions printed, AND then taking the week-end off! On Monday will begin teaching project for guild, go to lunch, and then next week it is back to the grindstone… starting another teacher project. I really like writing and graphing projects for other designer/teachers; I love to see the creative process of others and their style of teaching. Writing instructions is like being able to stitch without ripping…one little key stroke and I have “frogged” the error.

I’m off to fix my lunch and then I see a nap in my afternoon…

Thank you for stopping by and spending a few moments with me…hope you have time to stitch today! ttfn…sue

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