Kansas Crab

My how time flies…forget the pigs.
I can’t believe I have gone two weeks without writing but trust me I have been
just one step ahead of one deadline after another. In fact I am still running
from deadlines and probably will for another month or so.

Some of you will be enjoying the
fruits of my labors in an online class, others have signed up for a local class
that are more fruits and my guild almost has there project completed for this
year. I also did some finishing for a friend as a favor (I really owed her) and
that’s the post of the week.

I did several but my favorite was this Kansas crab. A Kansas Crab? Boy was this crab in the wrong place…especially this summer, although the heat did make me cabby and I do live close to Kansas. But I digress…I decided that the cording should sea shells and I was lucky to find strands of these small shells at my local Hobby Lobby. I shortened the length by re-stringing them on plastic beading thread. Then I sewed between
each shell and made a picot hanger. Turned out cute didn’t it?

Okay, I’m off to the next deadline(s)…
And I need to get the second project for the guild stitched…dumb me gave the
first one away without even taking a picture.

My new computer is navigable; I
still feel like it is smarter than I but that doesn’t take much these days to
make me feel not so smart…I did give away a project without taking a picture…

Thank you for stopping by and
spending a few moments with me; hope you have time to stitch today! ttfn…sue


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