Computers & One Long Panel

I know I have been gone almost two weeks but I have trying to get everything converted over to the new laptop…long, arduous, boring job, but I don’t want to leave anything behind. This picture looks like dueling computers and some days that is how it feels.  And of course one thing leads to another and then you are off on a tangent to remedy that problem before proceeding. I thought I would fall off my chair when DH announced he thought in the next day or two he would have everything transferred over to his new laptop…I should be about a month behind him but I was thinking all I needed was one program purchase and my email. Tonight I want my DH to explain the new email system to me because I do not think I am getting my emails as I should. I did manage to transfer all my contacts from one computer to the other with import/export 😉 and my DH did it all by hand. I’ll keep you posted; this process has been like major house cleaning and trust me, I rather be stitching.

But of course, I have been stitching too. This week was the last of Laura Perin’s, One Long Panel ( class at the shop. It has been a fun class and interesting to see how everyone has kept up. I went by the evening class and took pictures so you can see all of our hard work. I think I am probably the most behind of all of us and many of my friends are taking great delight that I am not one of the first to be finished. Notice the pink color-ways, mine is on the left and I cut the green out. I put them side by side so you can see the differences.

Thank you for stopping by and spending a few moments with me; hope you have time to stitch today! ttfn…sue

2 thoughts on “Computers & One Long Panel

  1. HI Sue, Thank you for sharing the various colorways for One Long Panel, I just love this piece. I have 2 or 3 colorways kitted up myself and can’t decide. I know Laura has several suggested colorways, did everyone in your group follow her selections or did anyone choose their own? I won’t get started on mine until next year as my “dance card” is full for this year. Glad your computer issues are coming to a close so you can get back to stitching!

    • Thanks for your comments, its always nice to know someone is reading this blog.
      The third picture on the left shows the purple color-way and she chose to vary her color placement within a few of the panels but used suggested color-way. The one on the right did her own color -way. And mine is the last picture (right side of screen) left piece; if you look at the two pinks I cut the green out of mine and really the only place you can tell this is in the center panel.
      My email is working now, just one small purchase (maybe two if I can convince DH I need a dfferent hard drive back up) and I home free. Then I can go back to stash enhancement, more fun!

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