My plate and table run-n-n-nth over

If I don’t post this today, it may never get posted.

I was picking up the house yesterday, my nests seemed to be spilling over into other areas, so I decided to put the current projects and business on the table to sort and prioritize it. Hum-m, my plate seems to be pretty full right now, but then my life seems to be that way… feast or famine; all or nothing; too much, too little. Oh well, it is the nature of the beast! After I felt I had the house back at a manageable level of messydom, I started to sort through the table (after all, we do use this table to eat off of several times a day.)

Here’s the rundown of this mess…looks kinda like the 12 Days of something….

#1-5 are needlepoint stitching projects:

#1 (two pieces) are the class I told the guild I would do for them. Trust me I have stitched and restitched this several times in different ways. Not that the project is difficult, it is not; I just keep making stupid mistakes. But the research is all completed and I have several of the areas charted so I am not in panic mode over this project…yet.

#2 is another shop project/class I wanted to do. I am doing it in afternoon class at the shop, it is my two hours, once a week to socialize with other stitchers and allows me inhance my stash all in one trip. The class is Laura Perin’s, One Long Panel ( and as soon as we get a bit further I’ll take pictures to how all the color choices look. The evening group has some cool combinations also, will try and get back and take pictures of theirs too. I was current after week one, but with the looks of my table I may be behind after week two. Hopefully I can find time to keep current.

#3 The Eagle…poor guy seems to have gotten pushed to the back of the list…But I do have several years before I need to have it completed. Although, my 6 year old Grandson, to whom this eagle is intended to be given, informed me the other day; “Grandma, my eagle is not making a lot of stitching progress, I would like to have it finished before I am an Eagle Scout. And you know Grandma 10 years will just fly by.” From the mouths of babes or maybe just too big for his britches.

#4 These are 3 painted canvases I just could not live without. Now I have them, stitching is another story. Someday…

#5 is another project I started (must have had a slow day), maybe I’ll put this one in the car…It’s a small one and I could work it when I’m waiting on someone or stuck in traffic. This is a Just Nan kit, Sunny Summer Happy Garden ( that I am doing on canvas instead of linen. I just love the sunflower pin that came with this design; I’m a sucker for do-dads! And I love all the little pins and charms she adds to her kits.

And of course I must not be able to count above #5 because I missed #6, but I’m sure there is something in this heap of to do’s there must be a six.

#7-10 are projects in various states of completion for other people. Some have minor rework, some are wait pilot classes to finish, others have not even been begun. I’m sure #6 is here and probably a couple more.

And one of those included in #7-10 is the paperwork for my #1. I have that one about 75% complete.

#11 are two uniform skirts for one of my granddaughters…they need to be shortened. I don’t get why the uniform company does just not make these shirts shorter; since time began (or at least since uniforms were introduced) girls have shortened these skirts. They are pleated skirts that have had the folds set in cement and so no matter how many times you press them before and after you hem the skirt those folds are set and so the skirts flare at the bottom…Been this way since before my boys went to the same parochial school. One down,one to go but it is pined.

#12 And see that bit of gray metal shinning through at the bottom of the pile on the left? That is my new computer that I have had little time to do anything but register. System 7 is going to take some looking at, I may even see a Dummy book in my future.

And speaking of books, I have two of those I am trying to read also. One is stitching related, not to any project I’m doing but just to read and the other is “The Help.” Would like to read the book before I see the movie (when I don’t know…do you think I could stitch with a small light in the theater?) Maybe, if I’m lucky,  I’ll get the book read before it comes up on my Netflix list. 😉

Okay, now that I have spent time blogging I guess I best get back to work and conquer some of these to-dos.

Thank you for stopping by and spending a few moments with me; hope you have time to stitch today! ttfn…sue

2 thoughts on “My plate and table run-n-n-nth over

    • Maybe a couple! We also must have the same schedual…I’m reading email & blogs with my coffee before I start the day. Have a good week-end.

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