Final visit to The Neigborhood (s)…almost

Well, maybe one more…Will take them to the framer in the next couple weeks and show you when I get them back.

Well, it is still very very warm but the weatherman has promised relief the next two days…I think these weather people should take up needlepoint, maybe they would get better results.

I have been working on “The Neighborhood”, the classes are over and I did finish stitching the houses, but I saved all the windows to do last…BIG Mistake! I had forgotten how much I dislike Marlitt. For those of you, who have never had the misfortune to use this thread, let me explain…Marlitt is a 4 ply rayon floss with a mind of its own. You can dampen the ply, use a laying tool and it still acts up. And when you have over 34 + places you stitch with this stuff it really becomes a labor of love or hate. But as you can tell from the pictures I have completed “The Neighborhood.”

Hey notice by the windows I stitched this piece twice…68+ places to use Marlitt…such fun. But as luck would I ran out of Marlitt and did not have a back up skein. I did have DMC Satin Floss; looks like Marlit, same color, 6 ply instead of 4 ply…I’ll  try it. Now call me crazy, but I dampened it used 4 ply instead of the 3 Marlit and I really thought it laid nicer, I didn’t think I had to fight it as much and I can’t tell the difference. Notice I did not say, I’m in love with this thread but I did think DMC Satin Floss handled better than Marlitt.

And yes, I stitched this twice. My DH loves everything I stitch, but seldom says more than this is nice, but he did say this piece would look great on our family room wall. Humm-m-m justifying finishing…a gift for DH!;-) And I like this piece too… it truly is a sampler of architectural stitches. If you want a fun piece to stitch, this would be one.

Oh yes, remember the last time I blogged about “The Neighborhood” ( ), I was going to compare pictures from my old standby camera to that of my Droid phone. The Olympus are on the left, the Droid pictures on the right;  I thought the quality was pretty much the same. My phone pictures were large files for whatever reason because size-wise they were the same. I liked the brown roof of one better and the red roof of the other. I have noticed I do better with non antimated subject matter on my Droid…people seem to blur quicker. Maybe I just need to learn my phone/camera better (I’ll put this on my tuit list.) But now I can take look for new camera off my tuit list until the next time I get a bee in my bonnet. My old friend will work for me and I know just how she works, so for now my trusty Olympus Camedia C-5500 with its 5.1 megapixels is safe.

I’d like to stay and gab but I barely am going to get this blog posted. I have two other projects for other people on my desk and I am suppose to be writing a project for my guild…gotta go…work this week-end.

Hope everyone has time to stitch today and this week-end too!  ttfn…sue

3 thoughts on “Final visit to The Neigborhood (s)…almost

  1. Great job, Sue–congratulations! I like everything about this project, the colors, composition and stitch choices.

  2. I just happened upon this blog which comments on my design, The Neighborhood. This was one of my early designs, when I was trying and learning new stitches. What fun it was to read your thoughts on this design. I know your group did this and would love to here more comments.

    • Thank you. It is always nice to see a designer comment, Thank you for taking the time to look. We all enjoyed this piece very much and several of us (there were 7 in my class) have completed the project.

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