The Neighborhood part 3

The Neighborhood is growing. Two more houses have been completed. I really am enjoying this piece, it is a sampler of stitches for architecture.

See the top house…this roof was a challenge. I liked it but it was a stitch to take care with and then of course it changed direction at the hip of the house. The siding of this house was a 4 way continental but for me was a challenge as I normally stitch on the diagonal and this was stitched row by row so the thread on the back side would not show when viewed from the front. See the difference in the diagrams? I would catch myself trying to revert to “my way” but with the exception of maybe one or two miss-steps I think I did pretty well.

My photo is a bit off, but then I’m a bit off this week too. Holidays always throw me off…I never know what day of the week it is until we have a full 5 day work week. I’m better with Monday holidays than Friday holidays too, so next week I’ll be back on track.

Hope everyone has time to stitch today!  ttfn…sue

One thought on “The Neighborhood part 3

  1. Looks fabulous so far, Sue! It’s so cool how each roof gets its own stitch treatment. Each house has a distinct personality, yet they blend so well together.

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