Ort Art

 I tried to get permission to share this picture with you from the artist but she never returned my e-mails but Susan did friend me on a social network; and since there were no restrictions on photos at the IMQA quilt show (http://www.mqsshow.org/), I guess I am not breaking any copyright laws. If I am infringing I am sorry buy really this piece is just too cute.

This is the ultimate ort collection!


Great Hair – Susan Kipp, Michigan: (entry description) “When someone puts on a wig “It’s Magic!” I’ve been saving threads for over ten years. How fun to have a wig made of all thread! Sewn onto a cap so it can be worn.”

This was just too cute and should be shared with everyone. Notice the hair clip…pun intended.

I have always thought that there should be something to do with these little clipping; after all they represent the fabric of our lives. What do you do with your orts?

I hope everyone has time to stitch today! ttfn…sue

One thought on “Ort Art

  1. Thanks for your compliments,I had fun making this.I always try to think of something “out there” for this competion.I keep a empty tissue box on my sewing table & drop in all the clean threads as I work,before you know it the pile grows!!
    Sandy Kipp,
    Davison Michigan

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