Bunny and Carrots

As my Grandmother would say, “Oh Shaw”, I might use another term but since this is open to the world we will stick to Grandma’s terminology. But “Oh Shaw,” I went by the shop the other day to pick up Mr. Bunny and to get the perle cotton for the carrots. …Got the bunny but forgot the perle cotton! Went back Saturday because I didn’t it would have been Tuesday before I could go again. I hate it when I have these senior moments and the worst part about it was when I was there the first time I thought about the perle cotton. The shop had customers and they were using the DMC thread chart so I waited; …waited it right out of my mind!  

Mr. Bunny is so-o-o cute with his wired ears. He is a Brenda Stofft bunny and way back in February when I started him (https://sudukc.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/bunny-one-bunny-two/ ). Brenda gave me permission to show the canvas and she still paints him in brown and white but will do black and white. Brenda, I hope you think my Mr. Bunny is as cute as I do; his fellow bunnies have welcomed him to the brood with twitching ears and tails. I think the small bunny to the right of him is his cousin…Brenda painted him too but he spoke to me many years ago and I’ve had him stitched for some time. They have the same turkey tuff tail, so they must be cousins!  I’ve had Mr. Bunny canvas a long time but he was worth the wait, wired ears and all.

I am still stitching carrots, hope I get done! As I have been stitching I realized that the finishing will also be a monumental undertaking, another one of those I am glad I do not do this all the time and how much I love finishers moments. As the canvases mount up, I took a mind looking inventory: 10 ornaments per set; 2 piece of illustration board cut per ornament equals 20 cut carrots; time 3 sets equals’ 60 cut cardboard pieces. Um-m-m maybe I better start marking and cutting…stitching…cutting…cutting…stitching. Have the perle cotton for the cording and the ribbon for the hangers (stash is good.) I’m going to use green ribbon for the hangers, so that you can tie them on the tree.

So needless to say, you probably will not be hearing from me the rest of this week… I’m down to the last three designs and I may have to finish two sets and leave third for later. I will be stitching, finishing, finishing, stitching, finishing, finishing, and then cooking.

Hope everyone has time to stitch today and the rest of the week, I know I will!


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