I am here…please do not give up on me

The last two months have gotten away from me…I felt like I had little or no control of my life and if I tried to take charge things seemed to get worse, so I just gave in and let life move on and I followed hoping just to keep my head above water. We had a house guest for 2 ½ months, 2 cars went on the fritz (one terminal), had a roof on the house replaced, decorated for three holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) and did manage to stitch in here too.

Gave up on the phone and ordered a “Dummy” instruction book…Also ordered the instruction book from the phone manufacturer. You’d think phone companies would just ask you when you order the phone if you would like an instruction book, especially if the phone is complicated. Do you remember your first cell phone, the small phone and the ½ inch thick instruction manual that came with it? Well now the more complicated cell phones have instruction manuals that are about the size of a 11×17 sheet of paper folded up into nothing AND if you request the larger more complete edition you don’t get more than a few pages…just enough to let you know you need a “Dummy” book. So I spent the better part of November reading on how to use my phone. I have come to the conclusion that the smart phone is a small hand held computer that is smarted than I am. I could blog from the computer but I have not figured out how to manage the picture size yet. So I have decided that the phone is going to be a phone with bells and whistles an I am not going to forsake my laptop…she has served me well and I owe an allegiance to her.

And as many of you who follow me on Facebook know, Thanksgiving my sons hacked my Facebook account and were sending messages to the world about whom I liked best…Now, my mother used to say, “Fools names like fools faces always appear in public places.” So needless, to say these sons were not my favorites that day. You’d think their mother raised them better than to hack their own mother. Anyway, there was a lesson learned here…never leave your computer or phone unattended and never store your passwords…even if you are the only one suppose to be accessing these devices.

And I’ve had a couple things get under my skin about my hometown and I’ll tell you about these too as the weeks go by. But today I just wanted everyone to know I’m still alive and hopefully getting back in the swing of life.

ttfn…be back before Christmas…sue


2 thoughts on “I am here…please do not give up on me

  1. Durn. My mother doesn’t have a Facebook page so my brother and I can’t hack in and each claim we are her favorite. Sigh. We are reduced to announcing ourselves at the rehab place Mom is staying at after surgery as her favorite child. They think we are nuts. Your boys don’t know how good they got it!

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