A new magazine in town

SUDU NOTE: I have no investment in Spool magazine. I may at some point submit a design or article for publication BUT as of today these are my unsolicited thoughts about a new needlework publication. I did write and ask permission to use a picture of the cover on my blog and the magazine graciously sent me a jpeg …must have seen some of my blog pictures! 😉

What a great thing, another needlework magazine! It is not better than any other needlework magazine; it’s different from other needlework magazines. Another perspective on our media of art, can that be a bad thing; I think not. Several people have blogged about this magazine and so for $18 a year I decided what did I have to lose…4 magazines, 4 times a year, about $4.50 an issue (I spend more $ than this just thinking about needlepoint); I invested. Asked that I be sent the premier issue and last Monday in the mail came my new magazine. The magazine is an 11”x17” format and I like the way at the top of the page it tells you what type of needleart is featured; i.e. Embroidery, needlepoint, knit, crochet, etc. I thought all the needlearts were well represented with clear, concise instructions. I read the magazine from cover to cover even the knit article that I do not do nor understand and yes, even the ads. I visited a few of the recommended websites, but tried to limit this as I can get lost and never return from web-dome. I thought the cross stitch patterns were large and clear and there were ideas that sparked my imagination to adapt to needlepoint.  For my money the magazine is worth the investment and I wish De Selby all the best of luck in the future. (Is there a superstitious saying you say to new magazine editors similar to the one you say to actors going onstage in a new production?)

So, if you want to try a new magazine you can either invest $8 for a single issue or for a little more than the price of two single issues you can get all four. I would give this magazine a try… http://www.spoolmag.com/

That’s it for today… Hope everyone has time to stitch today!  ttfn…sue

One thought on “A new magazine in town

  1. Thanks, Sue. We are open for constructive criticism AND design submissions or articles, for those who like to be paid in free advertising! Spool comes right from my heart because I’ve always gotten along better with my kids’ generation than my own. And now, these gals have decided to stitch! As the cover says, “We aim to be right, but we strive to be right now”. Here comes winter–De

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