“Miracle of Miracles” hear the music?!

I really do have good intentions…just not enough hours in my day, OR I’m a scatterbrain, OR I suffer from ADHD in the worst way, OR I am just getting old and slow. How about a combination of all…”an old slow, tired ADHD scatterbrain”… that’s me! I can see the sculpture now… head with threads, beads & wire for hair; the body would be a computer and a box (with all sorts of projects stored inside); Scissors for one hand, paint brushes, pens, pencils, needles and a computer mouse for the other hand, I think it should have rollers for feet and a broken watch attached somewhere…oh no another project!  Can you tell I’ve been to the Art Fairs around town and the 3D mixed media art really speaks to me?  And there are so-o-o many things I want to do… needlepoint,  jewelry making, needlepoint, art journaling, needlepoint, beading, needlepoint, drawing, needlepoint, painting, needlepoint, scrapbooking, needlepoint…and that doesn’t even include reading, needlepoint, sleeping, needlepoint, eating, needlepoint, …and all the other mundane things in life.  

But I am right braining again….my goal for this morning is to post a blog so that if anyone out there in blogdom still looks at my blog they know I am alive…notice I did not say and well.

I have been productive this summer… I computed 5-6 projects for a couple needlepoint teachers. Remember, I don’t compute and tell…never know what will happen in the life of a needlepoint class. I’ve blogged about this before: https://sudukc.wordpress.com/2009/01/30/17-days-later/ and https://sudukc.wordpress.com/2010/04/28/betty-chen-louis/ .

So that said we will move tight along to what I can share with the world…

I lost a very dear friend (more about that in another blog another day), I have crocheted a blanket (will show that another day too).  I also played with art most of the summer…I bought a journal and color washed about 1/3 of the pages… https://sudukc.wordpress.com/2010/06/14/10-days-all-alone/ . Then I started art journaling as such…sort of a controlled art study. I used the book: Drawing with Children; Mona Brookes; St. Martin’s Press; New York; 1986 as my catalyst. From there I discovered Zentangles http://www.zentangle.com and more Art Journaling; which lead me to Sarah Whitmire and her website and blog: http://www.caspiana.com/ and http://sarahwhitmire.blogspot.com/

And on Sarah’s blog I learned about a new book & toy I needed: The Spiral Draw Book; Doug Stillinger; Klutz; California; 2003. Although my son’s tell me we had a cooler version of this when they were growing up call Spirograph. I don’t remember this, so I did do some research and I sort of remember this being around the house. But I may have to ask Santa to bring us another for my amusement this time.

Then I was off on a Zentangle and Art Journal tangent and have added another 20 or so blogs to my reading list. Yes I try to read all your blogs I have bookmarked at least twice a week.

And I have stitched; completed another Eagle to be framed at later date. Did some finish finishing, bought material to do some more and still have a huge pile of other unfinished completed needlepoint. Finished Sue Reed class piece and will post a picture when I get it back from friend I let borrow it since she was unable to attend class. And am doing computer work for a year long guild project…and I have even completed stitching all the areas I have on the computer (the only thing I am ahead of the pack doing). I also keep the ort box canvases handy for something to stitch on the road and when I have no other project in hand (that means I was too lazy to go to the workroom and pull a canvas or chart and threads from my stash.)

And that’s my summer in a nutshell.

Hope everyone has time to stitch today!  ttfn…sue

3 thoughts on ““Miracle of Miracles” hear the music?!

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  2. You left out “making pottery” – I did that for almost five years at the art museum here, and absolutely loved it – I made 3-D tiles as well as hand built pots and stuff. Quite addictive, and very very therpeutic making mud pies.

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