10 days all alone

This morning my DH left for 10 days at Boy Scout camp to stay with Boy Scout troop that our oldest grandson is a member. He is going to see this who is working on staff this year. Out other grandsons and their dad just got back from a 10 days at this same camp. My husband, sons, and grandsons love this adventure into primitive nature; I think they all would stay the summer if allowed and could afford it. As my oldest son, who just got back from camp said on his Facebook page, “Only 355 days until I get to return to the hills…” I myself prefer a less primitive style of the outdoors. I want to know that if it rains I have a stable roof and walls around me…to protect my needlepoint that I would have to take for the moments of pure relaxation.

But, now I can eat, sleep and do whatever strikes my fancy for the next 10 days minus one (visitors Sunday at camp)…It’s me, Lucy, and the cat, Angel. Angel doesn’t cout…all you have to do to make  Angel happy is fill her dish. Lucy on the other hand may require some one on one time to keep her nose from becoming out of joint. But all in all, we three girls are on our own.

Last week I started messing with my art skills again. I played with some inks and colored pages in a sketchbook . I am also brushing up on my sketching talents. In my library I have several books I read while I was teaching art to grade school children. I decided to play with these: Mona Brooks Book: Drawing with Children (http://www.amazon.com/Drawing-Children-Mona-Brookes/dp/0874778271)  and Drawing with Older Children and Teens (http://www.amazon.com/Drawing-Older-Children-Teens-Brookes/dp/0874776619/ref=pd_sim_b_1) to start. You can move pretty quickly through these studies but there are many great ideas and helpful hints that I either do from habit or had forgotten.

Yesterday one of my younger grandsons picked up one of the pages to evaluate the level of understanding of the Brooks principles the artist understands. I was amazed at how well he did and when I asked hi to explain to me how he drew them he used many of the terms Mona Brooks recommends. Here’s a picture of his work and mine, he may pass me up next week.

I am also going to try and get some long overdue needlepoint finishing completed. I started today by painting dowels to use. Now if can just motivate myself to the sewing room I might feel like I am accomplishing something.

 Today I am going to take life easy, drink iced tea, watch movies and stitch. Hope everyone has time to stitch today too!


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