The Stitch Witch is visiting

May 17th I started re stitching HO-HO Santa (  and I think the Stitching Witch is frog stitching this piece at night. I have been forever stitching the blue background in section 2. Today my goal is to complete section 2 background then the Stitching Witch whom is frog stitching my piece will have to move on to another stitchers house and play mind games with her for awhile.

I think why the Stitching Witch dropped by in the first place was because I was moaning about not being able to find a rhythm to stitch the plaid behind the lower HO is section 1. Lesson to stitchers out there: Do not moan about stitching, the Stitch Witch will visit you.

I also started this little piece that I am working on in the car…I will be making several trips to Boy Scout Camp this summer…I have one grandson on staff; two others grandsons and one son going next week; followed by DH the following week with staff grandsons troop; and add in a couple more trips to visit the staff guy. Long summer hope the weather is nice for them…but so far weather has been hot, humid or raining.

Off to watch movies, drink iced tea and stitch. Hope everyone has time to stitch today. ttfn…sue


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