While Strolling through the blogs one day…

In the very, very month of May…This should be a song. Oh it is an oldie before computers and it was strolling through a Park. They should re-write because while not getting much exercise beside finger exercises…strolling through blogs is such fun. Although I think this habit should come with a warning, “Strolling through blogs may be hazardous to your day. You can stroll from one blog to another and never return to the original blog again. Someday I am going to keep count of how deep into a blog I go, from one friend to another to another and so on.

But that is not what inspired me today…while strolling through my favorite blogs I came across a picture that inspired that, “oh I have a couple of these and I need to find them.” Emma’s blog at DMC May 24th (http://dmc-threads.com/) feature an embroidered hat…I made a couple of these over 10 years ago …I know that’s older than dirt, but I only wear them one day a year. I am not a hat person, but I am even less a tick person and so at Boy Scout Camp on visitors Sunday I wear a hat!   I got the hats at local craft store (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, etc) and used DMC embroidery floss on them. I didn’t even draw a pattern just free stitched the flowers. I’ve washed them several times but never Black Hatput them in the dryer…Here they are not bad for almost antiques…I will wear in a couple weeks when I go to see the Grandsons…Have one grandson on staff for the summer and two going down for 10 days, one as a scout master and the other as a camper…oh and did I forget to mention, there fathers, uncles and grandfather are going too. There is something about those Hills of Osceola.

That’s all for today, hope everyone has time to stitch today.



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