Repurposed Drapery Hook

 About three weeks ago I showed you a cool finishing idea ( ) from Cooper Oaks ( ) I really do like Lucite, it will fit somewhere in every décor. But remember you must order them through your local needlework shop!

But I have another finishing idea for these small wonders I have been stitching. Years ago my mother needed a small easel and could not find one to purchase, so she repurposed a drapery hook. My mother was the queen of repurposing and I still have a basement full of her finds to prove it. Here is how she did it.

Picture 1: Original drapery hook in the back.

Front hook has two outside prongs spread to the sides and the hook is bent up and will become the support for the easel.

Picture 2: Bend two center prongs up (opposite direction of the hook) to make supports for the picture.

Picture 3: Right – Drapery hook easel

Left – original drapery hook

Picture 4:Easel with a picture (one of the things I stitched and finished before marathon stitching took over my life)

Picture 5: Easel from the back

So if you have old pinch pleated drapery hooks, now you can repurpose them.


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