Wednesday, Granddaughter & Kreinik threads

This is going to be one of those long posts and two from me in one week is almost unheard of…

I had one of those days yesterday where I took one baby step forward and two giant steps backward. But as the day progressed things got better. Had to, it was an uphill fight from the start. Started my day at 7:30 AM, drove grandson to school and went to the grocery and decided to have breakfast at the deli…breakfast was good, but not what I ordered (think someone else and I switched orders…I ordered scrambled eggs with bacon & toast and got 2 over easy eggs, link sausage, hash browns & toast….waitress assured me she had two orders both the same…oh well cook mistake) While waiting for breakfast I cleaned out my purse and found a car wash coupon I needed to use or it expired. Car wash was couple blocks away, I would do that, go visit 92 year old uncle in nursing home and home to stitch…WRONG. Made it to the car wash and as I pulled out of the carwash my car was listing to the left and making awful sound as I rolled off the wash line. Rolled out of the way of traffic and stopped, got out looked…left tires: one completely flat the other very low. A nice young man offered to help me change my flat tire and put air in the other and told me to go get the car wash manager and show him. Did as I was told since I was little or no use changing a tire. Carwash manager/owner very gracious, came out helped with tire and told me they would pay for damages. Sent me to tire guy down the street…must be a good one cars everywhere. Would be at least one hour before tire man could look at tire, call niece who lives close by and she picked me up and took me to her house… This was the best part of my morning; her home is lovely and quiet. Two and half hours later I am back on the road, never did get to see my uncle (there is always tomorrow Scarlet). Went by LNS to see if there was a thread I liked better than the one I was going to use for Granddaughter’s border…but they were out of the one I had in mind.

Home to stitch on the second marathon stitching project…gift for namesake granddaughter. I will make the deadline…but it was touch and go yesterday. Happily stitching along on lettering and I pull off a length of thread and the spool core appears. My mind says this is not possible…I was sure this was a new spool…BUT my eyes say I may be in trouble. Immediately call LNS, yes they have another spool. Now the quandary, do I take my chances or stop and go get reinforcements? Decided that I would keep stitching and if I ran out of lettering thread would move to border and get more thread today. Well, here is a picture of what I had left …truly stitched to the bitter end! So far, so good and I know I have more than enough thread for the border.


the is really good news I have been waiting to share for a week or more is…

A few weeks ago Dena at Kreinik asked me if I would like to make a Temari Ball for her using the new holographic threads. What a privilege…of course I said yes!  I had so much fun doing these and could hardly wait to post pictures of them but I thought it only fair to allow Dena to see them first since she did send me the threads.  But now with her permission I can tell you all about them…

After I quit jumping up and down with excitement (okay, so I didn’t jump up and down, broken hips at my age do not heal well) I had to think about what Temari Ball to stitch and which threads I would need. I decided that I love color wheels and this would be a good representations of the threads. I asked Dena to send seven of the new holographic colors of #12 braid and 1/16 ribbon and blending filament in black.

Before the threads arrived I had another idea to use the original number Kreinik threads with the new so a comparison can be seen. I checked my stash and I had all but one of the threads but my LNS had a spool and so I waited for the threads to arrive. I figured I would have enough thread to make two Temari balls. I could hardly wait for the new threads to arrive; I couldn’t wait to play with them… The threads arrive and I knew I would have more than enough to make two Temari.

Temari #1:  I wrapped a base with a top layer using a spool of 005L Blinding Black Kreinik Blending Filament and black thread. I only marked the divisions with pins and then I wrapped each color in sequence Yellow: Chromo Gold 002L – orange: Orange-ruptis 027L – red: Robot Red 003L – violet: Punchy Purple 026L – blue: Royal Blast 033L – green: Kinetic Green 008L #12 Kreinik braid) from north to south poles. Then around the equator of the ball I began by wrapping two rows of 005L Blinding Black Kreinik #12 braid around the Temari. All the black braid is wrapped, only the colors are woven over and under the pole wraps to make the Obi band. The focal point of this ball of course is the Obi band and I liked the how the blending filament on the base layer took on more colors of the wrapped areas.

Temari #2: I used a plain black base and I marked the divisions with pins and then I wrapped each color in sequence using the original braid in the center with the new holographic threads on either side. I wrapped in the same sequence; Yellow: Gold 002 & Chromo Gold 002L – orange: Orange 027 & Orange-ruptis 027L – red: Red 003 & Robot Red 003L – violet: Amethyst 026 & Punchy Purple 026L – blue: Royal Blue 033 & Royal Blast 033L – green: Green 008 & Kinetic Green 008L #12 Kreinik braid) from north to south poles. The Obi band is a simple wrap with a large cross stitch over each color group. The Obi band was wrapped using 005L Blinding Black Kreinik 1/16 ribbon and the crosses are 005L Blinding Black Kreinik #12 braid. I really like the contrast of the braids in this Temari.

Temari #3: While stitching #2 Temari I decided that Dena need a collection and that means three at minimum…so I decided to make a trefoil interlocking with an Obi band. Again I wrapped base with a top layer using a spool of 005L Blinding Black Kreinik Blending Filament and black thread. This ball is divided into 6 divisions, and I used 005L Blinding Black Kreinik #12 braid to mark the divisions. At the North Pole I stitched the ball in an Interlocking pattern from center starting with black #12 braid and stitching from yellow to green with a black separating each color. While I was stitching the NP side I decided to be cleaver and stitch the reverse sequence on the South Pole: green to yellow. After I complete both poles, I was flipping the ball in my hand from pole to pole and thought that one side was larger than the other…bummer. The motif stitched from center green to gold appears lighter and larger than the motif stitched gold to green from center; the gold to green from center appears darker and smaller.  I measured from center to tip and all are within 1/16 of an inch of being the same, it is the optical illusion of simultaneous contrast at work. A true test of color theory and I do so love color theory. The Obi band is very simple; I used 005L Blinding Black Kreinik 1/16 ribbon and the crosses are 005L Blinding Black Kreinik #12 braid, stitched between the guidelines. And of course, this turned out to be my favorite.

I won’t go into a review of the threads Janet Perry ( and Jane at Chilly Hollow(  have done an excellent job of that in the last few days and Kreinik ( has an excellent web page about the new threads. But I will tell you from my experience I thought the ones I worked with were wonderful and the only difference I noticed was that the holographic had a bit more metal feel to them. I did not notice that this caused a breakdown of the thread and I used very long threads to stitch the interlocking Temari and also the Obi band on Temari #1. In fact, I even frog stitched part of the Obi Band of Temari #1 and reused the thread to stitch again. I don’t recommend this with any metallic but I did it.

I think the threads are wonderful and if you get a chance to stitch with them do so! As you can see in Temari #2 shading is possible too.  I have a canvas in my stash that has been there a very long time and if I ever get off this marathon stitching deadline I want to use the Holographic threads to stitch it.

Back to the granddaughter stitching project…I have a Sue Reid class this Friday and Saturday so the stitching has to be completed today. And Saturday have to go to the framer to make the exchange Eagle for granddaughter.


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