The Eagle…is at the framer

Last week-end I spent marathon stitching, really it started last Wednesday. And as with any deadline of mine life seems to step in the way…until Friday it seemed that very little stitching was accomplished. Random stitching is so-o-o much fun. I love they way you can show direction and it is so cool that there is really no right or wrong direction. I think it stitches quickly too when one does not have to stop for the small daily interferences of daily life and eating & sleeping.  The body is a brick stitch over four and will take a bit longer since it is two ply Impressions…can you say lay, laid, laid. Did manage a dinner with my DH at son’s restaurant and stopped to pick up a wedding shower gift (wedding gift too…why make two trips).

Saturday became crunch day, I went to the framers and Monday is the drop dead day in order to have back by Sunday April 18th. Picked up the Eagle pin at the Scout office attended wedding shower, stopped by the grocery store and stitched the rest of the day. Finished the body and then put the remaining Random stitches over the body. Even manage to start the Bargello pattern for the wing.

Sunday attended church and remembered a favorite priest was celebrating his jubilee mass later that morning and having a reception…so I came home started dinner returned to church for jubilee reception, back home with time to stitch and then dinner with the family and finally peace and quite to stitch…Why does it seem to take longer too lay threads when you are under time constraints? But I stitched and finished at12:25 Sunday night/Monday morning. Finally bed and up again Monday morning at 6:30 attached Eagle pin and was off to start my week.


I have carpooled a grandson to and from school, been to the airport and back, dropped off the eagle at the framers, had a great lunch and now I am thinking about bed and a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow is gift for my new granddaughter…not a stitch taken but it will be finished by Saturday so it can go to the framers to have back for the next weekend. 


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