No April Fool…Spring is here.

I had a blog post for today but as I sat in my study with my morning cuppa reading my bookmarked blogs I noticed the sun shinning; birds tweetering; and my window curtains fluttering in the breeze. As I got up to refill my cuppa I noticed Spring had sprung…The Forsythia have popped, jonquils/daffodils are everywhere…Oh such a welcome after this winter.  I hope wherever you are today, it is as beautiful as it is here. I am pausing to open all the windows and doors in my house…out with winter in with fresh spring air.

I have been working on the Eagle and I think I may make this deadline. Of course there are no stitched Easter eggs as planned but there is always next year.

I also have another project in the works and I will tell you more about it later but will give you a sneak peek today. And the “God gave us” for my namesake is still in the computer…this one may be late.

I think my computer, cuppa and I will head for the patio to finish reading my bookmarked blogs and enjoy the day that has begun so magnificently. I heard the weatherman say “rain” this evening and tomorrow but nice for Easter Sunday…okay I can handle that as long as the four letter word starts with “R” and not “S”. And yes, I have seen that four letter “S” word in April,  but not this year I hope.

Happy Spring, Easter, Passover to all.


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