Feast or Famine

My life seems to be feast or famine; I either have no deadlines or too many; nothing to blog about or more than I can post in one day.

 I have been stitching, first I was working on St Patrick designs and had planned on starting on Easter eggs. But then Number 3 Grandson decided to finish his Eagle requirements and his troop included him in the April Court of Honor; so Grandma is working on Eagle #3. This is my stitching nest, close to the TV, I will be spending long hours here trying to meet a April 18th deadline…notice the real Lucy is keeping my seat warm while I post this blog and there’s even the current Needlepoint News waiting to be read. I have thumbed through it and agree with the online posts that it is a great issue. But I must stitch!

 And a week later my namesake is being Baptized and I haven’t even begun to chart her “God gave us”, let alone take a stitch… I think I have my work cut out for me. I may not make the completely finished and framed deadlines but hoping to at least make the stitching finished deadline.

So bear with me, I will have to come up for a stitching break occasionally and I will try to post the new blog entries I have to tell you about…and keep you posted on the progress of the Eagle and God Gave us.


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