Cleaning the study

Monday was guild meeting and we met at a new place, St Michael the Archangel parish ( The church is magnificent! We were in the basement but even the basement is lovely. At the meeting our program vice president gave me back some unused copies of a program I had done for them these past few was the start of my week.  

Visiting the church must have been divine inspiration because when I got home and went to put the papers in my study I knew the time had come;

not one more thing could be shoveled into this study. I had been shoveling things into here for the last six months and just cleaning abound the piles. My goal for this year is to try and be more organized and this was a perfect time and place to begin (I really do not want to tackle the thread yet …another subject). So I set Tuesday as “Begin day”…took a picture of the mess and thought about the task ahead…Monday was a mentally prepare and plan day. Tuesday I began; first I shoveled things out of the room (Figure I am in the habit this winter and since we didn’t have any snow this week-end I need to keep in shape just in case). Spent the rest of Tuesday cleaning walls and floor; wiped down all the walls, register vents, fixtures, even washed the curtains. Tuesday night I could barely move. Wednesday I rearranged one wall; I know I have two tables by one chair but I one is for the stitching and the other table for books or a place to make notes. I also had to fix the pictures in two of the frames. The pictures had slipped away from the matting. Required a trip to frame shop for advice and as long as I was out, lunch…a girl has to eat. Fixed the pictures and hung them; made sure all the big stuff was where I thought it should be and rested.  Thursday, I began to pitch, sort and file…amazingly I am good about not keeping papers I will not use. And in all that mess I could put my hands on the papers I needed within a 1/2 inch of any given pile.  I filed most everything and spent some time rearranging books. Anyway my study is clean; floor to ceiling…yes even the lightbulbs got dusted.


I mentioned I’m not ready to tackle threads…I am still trying to decide if I want to sort by color or thread. Right now I am sorted by thread; all the Silk n Ivory in one tub sorted by color, all the Rainbow Gallery silks (splendor,grandeur, elegance and ribbon) in another tub, sorted in number order, Lois Caron overdyes in another tub, etc. Most threads are sorted by type (i.e. silk, silk blends, cotton, rayons; but I have a few complete lines and they are sorted by manufacturer and then mostly in the company order. Any thoughts on this system will be greatly appreciated. I have no idea which is best way but I really need to tackle the sewing room next. To me this is a which came first question: the color or the thread… any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Too much to think about…off to eat, watch the Olympics and stitch.


4 thoughts on “Cleaning the study

  1. Nice job! What a difference a day can make. I have been stowing “stuff” in my stitching room since Christmas. My biggest offense is not putting away my project materials once finished; I just put it in the room thinking I’ll sort all the thread, stretchers, the pattern etc. later. Then in the mean time I go tearing in there to find threads I need and leave the thread drawer open, etc. until it finally looks like a goat has exploded in there. I really enjoy neatening up my stash room, I just wish I would do it as I go along rather than let it go for months.

    I sort all my threads by color family.

    • Your stitching room must look like mine. I can tell by the pile of threads which project I was working. I even have threads I have purchased again because I can’t put my hands on the 1st ones I purchased.
      My stretcher bars are easier. I have an antique crock I keep anything over 12″ and then I have a chest made by a good friend when we were in collage that I keep all the smaller stretcher bars. That said I am trying to use these stretcher bars and when they have more little holes than Swiss cheese I am donating them to the patio fire pit kindle pile. I would like to switch to Evertights.
      And then there is the finishing…projects that were to go to Patty and now are in limbo plus the ones I can do myself. This stack may be getting unmanageable and may take a priority over stitching once I clean the sewing room.

  2. You’ve done such a thorough job, Sue, now you can come to my house! Seriously—I’ve read where some folks sort threads by color, but that would drive me nuts. When I’m looking for a thread, it’s a particular kind of thread: cotton floss, silk/wool blend, metallic, etc. So I sort by manufacturer and then, if I have a ton of one particular kind, by color families. I’m not particularly organized, but I seem to be able to put my hand on what I want this way. Just my two cents…

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