Twice in one month

Twice in one month is good for me lately. I want to thank everyone who stops by here to see what I have to say even if it is intermittent at best.

Thank You!

I am starting my third year of this blog, it does not seem that long ago and I still feel like I don’t know what I am doing. I can write for this blog and put pictures in but other that I am a novice. After I feel comfortable with something I am okay and I can experiment. I am comfortable with the program I use to produce stitch guides for myself and others but I am not comfortable with photo editing…I just have not played with the program enough. Someday I would lie to make a new page layout, one that reflects more of a stitching theme. But after taking the web class this fall, I know I will never be a wiz at web designing and it just seems so daunting to me.  I am a person who learns by reading and then doing and most of the time doing again and again. I prefer instructions to be #1, #2, #3…I can do this. But to play around with something, especially electronic things I freeze…what if I push the wrong button, what if …and the list goes on.

But I did not sign on to blog about my blog ineptness…

I have a piece of needlework finished (do you see the happy dancers and hear the symphony playing?)

 I do have a large projects going on most of the time but I just don’t blog about them because the work is sporadic and I am usually doing computer work for others. I only stitch on the large projects when I have long periods of no interruption…this week-end I will have a Saturday where I am all alone (see me smiling from ear to ear…guys going Boy Scouting) and I will work on one of my two large projects (Deborah Forney’s Ho-Ho-Ho! Santa or Tony Minieri’s Chicago du Soir.) Usually in the evening I work on small projects that are…fast, easy and require little concentration.

 But this is one of those big projects I completed last year: St Basil’s, a Carole Lake design. I had it framed and am giving it to my second son, Hugh and his wife, Anne. Both turned 40 years old this month and Anne loves this piece. I do too! This piece is framed under glass; Hugh & Anne have dogs…big dogs.

There are several reasons I do not blog about some of the pieces I stitch… as I said, the work is sporadic and I am usually doing computer work for others. St Basil’s is one of the pieces I helped produce the stitch guide. I do not think it would be ethical for me to talk about these designs before they are released for teaching and sometimes they are not released for teaching or sale. Usually when I help produce stitch diagrams for a piece I feel like I have stitched the piece, even though it is just on paper. Many times, the order of the stitching will change and I will redo page layouts; after a pilot class there are revisions; And yes, even after the piece has been taught there are revisions.

Remember Lucy? Well she is at the framers as we speak… you will see her soon. She’s been stitched for some time I just forgot about her in the busy-ness of last fall.

 Today I am off to work on the computer.


4 thoughts on “Twice in one month

  1. Actually, would you believe dh is playing Tschaikowsky’s 1812 right as I looked at your finish. Great job, I LOVE St Basil’s. I would really like to go and see it sometime now that we are friends with the Russians again.

  2. Hi Sue,

    Congratulations on finishing Carole Lake’s St Basil’s!

    That is a gorgeous project!!!

    I understand that you can’t post about what you are doing for others. We’ll still be here when you have something to share. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your finished Lucy.

    Windy Meadow

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