How are you creative?

I was reading blogs I bookmark this week-end and Jackie at Dog Daisy Chain  posted an intriguing statement. “As I work on struggling to regain my creativity and meet deadlines, I envy those who are able to sit and hand sew.”

Do those that are paid for designing needlepoint struggle more with creativity than those of us that just stitch because it is cheaper than a shrink? Do deadline stifle creativity or enhance creativity? Does stitching other designers work or painted canvases stifle our own creativity?

Jackie went on to say that even if she doesn’t like a technique or piece she learns a lesson or technique that she “…promised myself I would return to. Other lessons were learned. Stored up for future use. You learn something with every piece you make.”

I agree, you learn from every piece you stitch. Whether it is a new thread or stitch you are going to love or hate; an idea or technique that helps with that “ah ha” moment for another project that has been waiting for that moment of enlightenment; or just something that does not work no matter how hard or long you try to make it work. I think we can learn from each other in a class, just stitching together, at a guild meeting or online. We are a social group and we learn by association. We offer our ideas and observations but the bottom line is whatever we chose to stitch and how we stitch it is our choice alone. There are no “stitch police” that are going to tell us we can’t do something.

What would needlepoint be like if we were all still stitching the continental stitch using silk or wool? We’ve come a long way and the future is unlimited by our own creativity. So next time you don’t feel very inspired or creative, just remember that someone out there may be inspired by your work.

And most of all remember… learning is being creative.


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