Keeping track of needlepoint

 Since I am having a spell of Frog Stitching, I decided to set aside and compute instead. I know that the way my week is going this may be risky, but I need to feel productive.

 Back in April…see I’m on top of things…I prefer to think of it as digesting, processing and implementing important information. Anyway Cyn Stitches of Windy Meadow wrote about how she keeps track of her needlepoint ( .

I have kept track of some of my needlepoint and am trying to be better about it since I ask my teachers and designers to please write down what they stitch as they are stitching it. It makes it so much easier to remember when you want to write the instructions or stitch guide. I keep a notepad next to my stitching area and try and remember to write down all important info. But like the Cobbler’s children I don’t always practice what I preach.

 This week I have been trying to update my stitching notebook. I have several types of entries.

Some of the older entries only have basic information: I do try to include designer/teacher if it is a painted canvas, kit, or class. 2006 perfume bottles

Others have more: I like to always have a picture of the finished product and an up close photo if needed. I am trying to include area of stitching, stitch used, thread (name, color & number), and number of stands/ply used.


And some even have a stitch guide.


I prefer the last two stitch guides but I don’t always do this, but I am trying to be an example to myself and others.

 These are just some of the ways Iam trying to  keep track of my stitching. How do you keep track of your stitching?


5 thoughts on “Keeping track of needlepoint

  1. I track what I am doing on my blog. I post almost daily about my progress (or lack thereof) and try to remember to document the threads (and number of strands or plies) and stitches and explain my thought processes behind my choices.

    It certainly is a good reference to look up what I’ve forgotten. And I certainly do forget a lot of small details after a few months!

  2. Since I do the blog, for the last two years all of the pieces are well documented! LOL, Before that I took photos and kept them in an album. I love all your perfume bottles and that you finished them as standups!!

    • The bottles were a project for the 2006 ANG Auction and were really 2 large canvases, but the chairman of the auction and I felt they would sell better as stand up bottles, So that is how I stitched them and the finisher did a great job finishing them. They were auctioned in 2 groups.

  3. Just found your blog and I actually have a different question, but wanted to be sure you see it :0

    Do you know if Epic yarns are carried by retailers? If so, how do I find one?

    Love your earlier posts – especially the one on random stitch for fur! So glad I am not the only one who sometimes likes to do what it takes and not waht is written! (PS – that’s what set me on my Epic hunt!)

    Feel free to contact me privately!


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