Time does fly

Time must fly because I know I am not spending all mine. I blink and a week is gone; if I turn around the month has flown bye…can’t imagine what would happen if I fell down.

I have been working on documenting my pulled thread pieces and I’m also incubating ideas for the covering. I’m also stitching tombstone ornaments for my grandkids Halloween trees I started last year. One of my sons suggested I do stockings for them too…I think he was quite surprised when I told him they already exist; but since I do not do Christmas stockings for the little ones I figure Halloween would be a bit much. Anyway, I’m saving their teeth (they would expect me to stuff it with treats) and not stitching stockings.

orna framedBut today in a blinding rainstorm…it wasn’t raining when I started to the framers and he is a ½ hour away…I picked up the Orna Willis piece I won my mistake last spring (See my blog: https://sudukc.wordpress.com/2009/03/07/finished-laying-threads/



I originally was gong to put it in a box but then decided to frame instead. I really like the way it turned out.

Halloween stitchingOh drats, I just noticed I have a mistake in the tombstone…it is not centered.  I will be frog stitching tonight. But do you get the name: Kerry M Off (Carry ‘m off). I have Candy B. Good too… I think the names are pretty good maybe next year I’ll do Congress cloth and some of the epitaphs we have in a book; some are pretty funny. Okay I’m off to the graveyard to frog stitch.


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