My Birthday Present

 postcard 1




postcard 2

 postcard 3

My birthday isn’t for another week but my present came early. I have wanted a WWI embroidered postcard ever since I saw them a couple years ago at the Liberty Memorial WWI Museum ( My wonderful husband (deserves more than usual designation of DH) told me to go for it…if I could find one for less than an arm and a leg I could get one. I found several I liked, I watched and bid on several on eBay (search: WW1 Silk Embroidered Postcard) but only won this one. It is my favorite and feel very lucky to have won it. Some are just postcards but this one is like an envelope with a small card inserted. Mine came from, isn’t it wonderful? Now I just have to get it framed.


3 thoughts on “My Birthday Present

  1. I’ve never seen anything like this before. So, I can’t compare to anything but the first picture is stunning enough and then to see the third picture & realize the flap opens made the piece all the more incredible. That’s just beautiful. Congrats on the great find & Happy Birthday!!

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