Canvas no longer available

Eagle finishedI mentioned the Eagle canvas in a previous post. It is a perfect canvas to give to an Eagle Scout. I bought this one on Ebay and I keep looking for more. I have even looked for other Eagle designs I could use but so far have not found any others I like as well.

 I knew who the designer was and contacted her through her web page; it was stated that multiple canvases could be done of retired canvases. I received a brief email stating this canvas was no longer painted and that even multiple copies could not be ordered. I think this designer has even stopped painting canvases.

 I used the original canvas but I would like to do others for my other Grandsons as they reach the rank of Eagle Scout; I have possibly 5 more Eagle Scouts and maybe more (yes, I am going to be a Grandmother again.) And this is my quandary…if the canvas is not being reproduced,  am I going to be in copyright infringement if I adapt this canvas for my own use and never sell them?

 As I said I am still looking for these Canvases on eBay but have never seen another one in two years.

 What do you all think?


2 thoughts on “Canvas no longer available

  1. Since you’ve already corresponded with the designer, I think I’d ask him/her if they minded if you adapted the design to stitch several more for your family. Since they are not producing this design any more, I can’t see why they would refuse since this is for personal use for your Eagle Scout grandsons.

    I’d feel easier in my mind asking permission instead of just going ahead and doing it. My two cents’ worth!

    It is a lovely design and I hope you are allowed to do more for your Scouts as they achieve the highest rank!

    Jane, waving from CH

  2. Hi Sue,

    There is a cross stitch book with approved Boy Scout of America designs. which is “Emblems of the Boy Scouts of America in Counted Cross Stitch”. I do have this in my collection and after doing a quick search I found it here;

    There is also this book with the Boy Scout and Girl Scout stamps (I don’t have this book), “Scouting U.S.A. (stamp) – Cross Stitch Pattern” by Heritage Series;

    There are also these two posted designs. The site states that these are from the first book that I listed and it mentions that the Emblems book is out of print but I picked it up about 3 years ago.

    These aren’t needlepoint designs but they are the only two books that I am aware of that contain scout symbols or emblems.

    Now I realize that they aren’t needlepoint so the other options you have are to either convert one of the cross stitch charts into needlepoint or have a needlepoint artist paint a canvas for you using the emblems as inspiration.

    Right now our daughter is finishing up her Girl Scout Gold Award and hopefully our son will complete his Eagle as he has already reached Life rank. He has three more years to earn his Eagle and would benefit from at least one more year of maturity. 🙂

    Hope this helps!

    Windy Meadow

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