More on my Pulled Thread study…suggestions wanted

pulled thread 2   pulled thread 3

pulled thread 4

Earlier this week, I blogged about my Pulled Thread Study and I have been thinking on how to complete this project.  I’m leaning toward making a book to hold the postcards.  I would put buttonhole eyelets on each of the postcards and ATCs. The cover would be made wide enough to hold all the postcards and ATCs, and these postcards would be held in the book with ribbons threaded through the buttonhole eyelets and tied through the eyelets on the cover. I also think there will have to be fasteners on the three open sides to help keep the pages together. At first I thought the cover should be hard but now I am leaning toward a less ridged cover. I can use several layers of craft interfacing that will give substance but still be flexible.  

 The other idea is a box and it would not even have to be stitched; although I think a stitched lid would be good.  I guess I have not given this one as much thought as the book, but then a box doesn’t need much thought. I would purchase a box that would fit the postcards and then just add the stitching.

 And as far as the design, I have not given that a thought.

 I also kept notes and diagrams for all my stitch samples and will put these in the computer as a reference.  I have thought about doing one of two things with these notes: (1) Making a booklet to go with the postcard book or (2) making the notes the size of the post cards and adding them to the postcard book or box.

 I have two ideas but nothing is set in concrete and I am open to any and all suggestions. I’m still incubating.


One thought on “More on my Pulled Thread study…suggestions wanted

  1. Have some 4 by 6, 5 by 7, etc., designs…………have a geometric one that would use up a lot of scrap threads (less than full skeins)…………

    You could take your favorite post card and have it done as your needlepoint piece to stitch — we can create your canvas from your post card (cannot infringe on copyright so this may not work)

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