Sh-h-h, I am back

Sh-h-h-h, I am trying to stage a blog come back. You know what I learned about complaining…it can get worse. I thought May was the pits but June was no bed of roses either and now July started off with a bang.

Remember our house guests? My second son, Hugh and his wife Anne, who were living with us, were preparing to move into their new home June 1st. On May 31 about 1:00 AM, I heard them leave the house and figured they were going to their new house to look around. I went to sleep. Next morning, I heard someone come in the front door and Anne told me they had been at the hospital all night. They had been on there way to bed when he complained that he felt like he could not get his breath, his arms felt heavy and he was light headed, but no sharp pains. Anne decided to go have it checked out at the emergency room and Hugh did not argue. They did an EKG and no heart damage or heart attack showed up but since they were already at the hospital the doctor decided to keep him and run a stress test in the morning. To make a long story short, he flunked the stress test (lasted 1 minute 45 seconds), could not have do balloon angioplasty or use a stint because of the location of the blockages and so on June 2 he had triple bypass heart surgery. Then he could not get his oxygen levels back to normal, so he was in the hospital 2 weeks.

But Hugh and Anne have good friends and family and they helped them move into their house while Hugh was in the hospital. The mother in me wanted him to come home so I could hover but since he is 39 yrs old I knew he would be happier in his own space and his house was all on one level and better for him. He is doing well now and has no restrictions but still needs to progress slowly. And now a few words from my soap box…


His doctors told him this was all a result of his smoking. He did not have heart disease or high cholesterol…it is all because he smoked. He has been a textbook case from beginning to end and that he is recovering at a great rate. He has no diet restrictions, is not doing a typical heart rehab, and has stopped smoking.

I really feel so blessed that he had moved back to his hometown and was here when this happened. Here he had friends and family to support him and Anne. If he had still been in Louisiana or had ignored the symptoms, this could be a very different post.

And this was just the first two weeks of June…

There were three teachers biting their finger nails hoping I had not forgotten their instructions needed to be completed for pilot classes. So three sets of instructions later I thought June was looking better, but the month wasn’t over yet… 

Phone call from western Kansas from youngest son, Edward. He and his family are moving back home immediately and can he stay at our house for a week starting July 5th. He is starting a new job and his family is going to pack up the house and they will move this week-end. Luckily, their house never sold and they will have a roof over their heads. Even if they wan to move they have a place to rest their heads until they find a new adobe.

Okay, come on home. The sheets are clean and the guest room dusted. So Edward has been with us this week, I hardly knew he was here and today he is going back to western Kansas to pack up and move back home.

So even though it has been less than a perfect month, there is good news…This mother has all her chicks (3 sons, their wives and children) all here in their and our hometown. How fortunate can I be…how often in this day and age do you get lucky enough to have all your family close to you?  I am so blessed!

Oh yes, I did stitch during this time. This was my sanity keeper otherwise I would have been in the psyche ward…I’ll post a few as time permits.

Thanks for continuing to check in on me and I am sorry for the absence but there are only so many hours in a day and I do like to sleep occasionally. Thank you to all of you who blog regularly… I kept up with all of you through your blogs and read them regularly. They made me feel connected. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Sh-h-h, I am back

  1. Hi Sue,

    Oh my goodness!

    But at least everyone is doing well now.

    Isn’t stitching wonderful that it helps us through those life challenging moments.

    Rest and stitch. We’ll still be here when you are ready to post on a regular basis again. 🙂

    Windy Meadow

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