May $?!*

I cannot begin to tell you all how happy I am that this month is finally almost over! It has been a very busy month and has had its extreme highs and also its extreme lows.

We had three of the next generation graduate this month: Blair graduated 8th grade, Valedictorian; Michael Kelly graduated High School with a full scholarship to college courtesy of the Army; and Joshua Hugh graduated High School with the President’s Achievement Award and most improved student at his school (quite an accomplishment, since he was only there two years.) A Grandmother cannot be prouder of any of the family than she was of these young people. Parties, assemblies, school programs and graduations filled most of the month, I felt like the Energizer Bunny but I am too old to keep this pace.  And of course, our house was the host to two events this month; I am house cleaned and food prepared out.

And the midst of all the comings and goings, my comfort zone was ruffled. When I need down time or relax time, my computer and needlepoint are my comfort zones. Last week in the height of graduations and party planning, my computer caught a bug (The Swine flu of computers!), got really sick and almost died. My computer locked up on Monday, May 18th and it took four days of intensive care to resurrect her. She is fully recovered now I hope, but the experience has changed her forever. I have gently been spending time with her and not pushing her to do more than the basics. So far I know that my home page on the internet is gone and I lost my list of regularly read blogs… I feel like I have lost a real connection to my world. I am hoping that after I have messed around more, I might be able to find some of you and return you to my list. It will probably take me weeks, and I may never get everything back to my old comfort zone. Oh well, will just have to find a new comfort level.

There is good news; I have an external hard drive, so everything was not a total loss, but I have not yet reconnected that drive to see if it was infected, and/or how much I had backed up on this drive. I am hoping that I was sufficiently backed up that I am not in a world of hurt and that the bug did not infect this drive. I just do not feel up to tackling this task yet, but need to do so as I have two deadlines to meet.

And if that weren’t enough, I had nothing to stitch (a toss up to computer failure!) nor did I have anything to read. Well, that is not entirely accurate; I have drawers of canvases and kits to stitch and closet full of threads. But in crises mode, with most of my patience gone, I almost pulled my hair out.  I always try to keep the to go projects handy…those projects that are small and easy to transport, quick to complete… no brainers and that keep me busy and relaxed.. Every thing that was put together to stitch, i.e. Tony Minier’s Chicago Du Soir, required more concentration and brain power than I could muster last week.

If I had time to shop I would have, but I didn’t even have extra time allotted and had to trust my computer to the hands of others and pray. The stress level was unbelievable and I still have not recovered completely from this unbelievable breakdown of my comfort zone. I finally found an ornament that require one thread and a small canvas and have been pulling thread through canvas at a steady, hard pull. I am afraid that this poor canvas is going to have to be donated to the “Unfinished project” place since every time I pick it up I am reminded of this low time in May.

I know that was my worst week of my 2009, things have got to look up from here. Our house guests will be moving in about a week and the parties and events are over.  Today, is a new day and life is hopefully returning to normal.  I am off to start the computer projects that must be completed and then I will tackle returning my computer to my comfort level. I am also going to make sure I have to-go stitching projects lined up.


5 thoughts on “May $?!*

  1. Gosh Sue, what’s next? Locusts? You’ve really had a time of it. I’m glad you’re feeling confident May’s events are all but a memory–good and bad. Thanks for the update, will look forward to see what you’re stitching.

  2. I can relate. We (actually my DH) dropped his laptop and killed the hard drive – not so good for him, but ok for me since I still am on the desk top! But I had hoped to take over the lap top one day and get him a basic lap top. He does not like computers and so does not need it to do much. I love to play on the ‘puter and his laptop is loaded! I am still resurecting it and that is one of my “fun” jobs this weekend.

    Let’s hope for a computer problem free June!

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