TJ is going to the finisher tomorrow




 misc-very-velvet-in-needleStitching TJ,aka Thomas Jefferson from ABS Designs ( was fun…I used Rainbow Gallery Very Velvet for most of his clothing and Rainbow Gallery ( Patent Leather for TJ’s shoes. Very Velvet and Patent Leather are easy to use for stitching if you follow a few easy hints: #1. Use short lengths – I use 12 to 15 inches max. #2 Use a larger needle than you would normally use to stitch- I use a #20 or #22 Tapestry or Chenille on 18 count canvas. #3 When threading needle use a short tail and do not move the needle around on the thread while stitching. The Patent Leather will not wear like the Very Velvet but it will distress the thread at the eye of the needle. I also lay the Patent Leather on the front and back.  






 For me, the hardest part of stitching TJ was his hair, it is a Loose Basketweave. For me, Basketweave is one of those stitches that is relaxing and a “no brainer”; and I can tell if I’m tired or irritated because my Basketweave stitches are tighter. For the most part my tension on the thread becomes second nature, it is just part of the stitch process… But if that tension 09-abs-tjefferson-55is changed on purpose it takes concentration. I kept finding myself, watching TV and just normally stitching and then would have to “frog stitch” and then loosely re-stitch the Basketweave. After all the stitching is complete, it is then picked/pulled with a sharp needle and that gives TJ his soft curly look. It is a good stitch to learn, so that when French Knots seems too much Loose Basketweave is a good 09-abs-tjefferson-63substitute. The stitch can even be stitched looser and can have a loop effect; play with this, it is fun.


I think he turned out very nice and can hardly wait to get him back…I’ll post a picture of him finished. Now I am going to go back to work and do some computer work for a few days.



4 thoughts on “TJ is going to the finisher tomorrow

  1. So clever! Thanks for the tips and a stitch new to me based on basketweave. It is so much fun to visit your blog….

    Jane, waving and toasting SuDu with my morning coffee from CH

  2. I love your drawing to show what happens when using VV. I love that stuff, and use a lot of it, but it is very annoying – remembering to keep the end of the thread short. By looking at your drawing, people won’t have to learn the hard way.

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