TJ update


Thomas Jefferson is progressing. I think I am becoming one of those stitchers who does not like to stitch black on black. I had a difficult time keeping RG Very Velvet ( ) on the true diagonal for his hat. I tried the white cloth of the lap, light under the canvas, more powerful magnification, every trick I had been told over the years…but the best for me seemed to be daylight window with white cloth on my lap.


Anyway the black is all completed now but I have to make a trip [oh darn 😉 ] to LNS to get gold (002) Kreinik ( #8 braid; I have #4-12-16 and ribbon but no #8 (at least that I can find). And I’m sure something else will pop into my hands, this is how stash enhancement starts. You never get just what you are going to purchase and pretty soon you have a whole room of necessary stitching supplies…But alas, never the ones you need for the current project.


I also need (notice I say need not want) to look for hair threads.  On the right of  TJ canvas you can see when I have been experimenting with TJ’s hair color. This is what I had decided upon, 2 colors of Epic ( mixed in the needle…but you never know what I might discover. History trivia: Thomas Jefferson was described as a strawberry blond or light red head. And even though powdered wigs and hair were the style of the day, Jefferson never did anything to his golden locks.  


Stash Enhancement…a beautiful circle of stitching life.



2 thoughts on “TJ update

  1. The VV looks great on the hat. Have you used the 002V (vintage) Kreinik? I am addicted to it with the VV – it’s gorgeous. Looks kind of dull on the spool, but is totally beautiful when stitched.

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