Spring is supposed to be here!

This week is getting away from me fast! And the weather is not helping out one bit…two days nice and seasonable temperatures, the next two days cold, rainy (snow) … my poor blood can’t decide whether to thicken up or thin down. I am ready for Spring! In case Mother Nature forgot to look at her calendar, it was March 20th.

rabbit-1Remember I told you in my family if three is a good collection, a hundred is better. Well in order to keep the rabbit population controlled (at least at my house), I only wanted to collect Peter Rabbits, the official Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit. My family thought this much toorabbit-2 limiting and expanded the definition to mean: any rabbit with a blue clothing (coat, overalls, pants, vest) and (sometimes or) a carrot (and carrot may be purchased separately) You get the picture…we have bunnies! This is a picture of “the collection cabinet” as we call it with Easter Rabbits.rabbit-31

 Tomorrow, I am getting a bouquet of tulips (our last name means tulip in German) in a new Peter Rabbit container (http://www.teleflora.com/flowers/bouquet/telefloras-peter-rabbit-bouquet-229184p.asp) from me. 2 Me 4 Me from Me! I deserve it since I will be having breakfast/lunch for whoever shows up at my house.

Thankfully, with the economy and the fact that I have way enough collections the rabbit population is not increasing rapidly unless I buy one or stitch one. And I have stitched a few…I’ll post them tomorrow, I am still trying to remember  the designers… I have not been the best about keeping track of this information.


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