March snow

march-surprise-1   march-surprise-2




I really don’t know why snow surprises me…I have seen snow into April. In fact the very first house we bought, we moved in March 27 or 28th and it snowed April 1…April Fool. We had a window in out kitchen that you could see the back yard and so DH and I built this great snowman looking in the kitchen window for our oldest son, Scott, who had just turned 3 years old March 26th. Well, it scared Scott when he saw it and DH had to go knock it down before Scott would come back in kitchen and eat breakfast.

Eight years later on March 26th, we were going to celebrate Scott’s birthday (Side-note: Scott was born on Easter Sunday, his birthday has been on Easter when he was 11 and 22 years old and will not happen again until he is 99 years old), Easter, and Edward’s (3rd and last son) 1st communion. We probably invited more than 30 adults and 50 kids,  11 years and younger to help us celebrate. My friend, Bev had asked me all week if I was praying for great weather…she was praying too. I assured her I had been on my knees…Guess I was not specific enough about the good weather because on Good Friday we had 18 inches of partly cloudy on my front lawn. It was beautiful Easter Sunday, warm, sunny and a mud puddle…you really have to be detailed when asking for things! But we all had a good time and that’s all that matters…mud washes.

So I don’t know why this is such a surprise to all of us here in the Midwest. We always say, “if you don’t like today’s weather, wait until tomorrow.”  BUT, I really feel sorry for the families in middle Kansas, they took the brunt of this storm and several counties have been declared disaster areas by the Governor. They had two and three feet and drifts up to 6 feet. We had mostly rain, and then it froze and we had sleet and freezing rain, followed up by 4-6 inches of snow. It is still snowing at 9PM but is supposed to taper off in about an hour. If the wind wouldn’t blow it would just be white and cold. It is perfect snowman snow, wet and heavy. Tomorrow it will cold and Monday we are expecting rain. Welcome to the Midwest Spring, it beats Tornadoes.

I hope everyone is safe, warm  and still have electricity. It was a great day to cuddle up with an afghan, a good book, magazine and stitching by the fireplace …I’m going back to mine for what is left of the evening and I’ll be there tomorrow too.  Everyone be safe!


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