My enabling friend Karen

Karen and I go back a few years, we worked in the same needlepoint store. Karen is one of those people you love to know, You can mull around ideas, you can bounce ideas off her, you can give her a problem and she comes up with two or three ideas/solutions and I have never known Karen not to succeed at a new venture. She’s good for my creative flow.

And now I am going to break my rule about not posting other peoples designs without permission, since this piece was in my house for two years before I gave it back and I saved it from the round file one day at work. I had every intention of returning to Karen, but, it made it’s way to my china cabinet and looked so good with my crystal vase that I forgot to return until yesterday.


hardanger2 hardanger3        hardanger4 hardanger5             




 Karen does beautiful hardanger, some of the nicest I have ever seen. I thought everyone should see her great work. She also made one of my scissor cases I showed before but will be happy to do so again. It is one of my favorites and I do not take it out of my house.



Karen also has a blog but it is mostly about knitting, but I read it anyway…

Yesterday Karen and I met for lunch, I gave her the hardanger and then she enabled me and maybe even enticed me. We went by a knit shop and I don’t knit but Karen does and very well I might add. I, on the other hand, have tried several times with several people trying to teach me and I never got the hang of it.  But oh my, the beautiful yarns… makes you want to try again. Anyway, I do crochet and I found an interesting book about crochet (enabled). I also learned that crochet is older than knitting , but knitting takes half the amount of yarn crochet requires, and more people prefer the look of knitting. Well, other than the book I purchased I was able to escape without buying large quantities of yarn and not signing up for a class. We also went to Half Price Books and I managed to escape without being enabled there either.

Now the kicker of this tale is…all night last night I dreamed about knitting and even awoke this morning thinking I probably should sign up for classes and give it one more try. I immediately got up and ate breakfast, because my mother always told me if you tell a dream before eating it will come true. Now, it’s not that I don’t want to try to learn to knit one more time, I’ll may give it the ole college try….it’s all the yarn I see collecting in my sewing room (and after I have been trying so hard to purge the sewing room of threads I know I will never use for needlepoint). If the dream weren’t enough, my first email this morning was from Karen with three websites to visit:

Hummmmmm, so guess what I have been doing off and on (more on than off) today? Enabling, enabling, enabling! I have downloaded 8 to 12 free patterns, all crochet…but I did look at the knitting and there were several there, but I fought the urge. I am reading one blog and on waiting list for the third site to admit me… I think it is teasing me into submission. So if in the next few months you hear load mutterings from the midwest it will probably be the poor knitting teacher wishing I’d take up another hobby or it could be me trying to figure out where to store my new stash. I’ll keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “My enabling friend Karen

  1. You are way too kind. We had a great time, didn’t we. My bargello piece is coming out of retirement thanks to you.

  2. Sue,
    Karen is a riot, isn’t she? I know her from a stitching group here in Rochester, NY, before she moved out to KC! Isn’t the stitching/blog world a small place?

    – Jeanne (who just started reading your blog thanks to Jane/Chilly Hollow’s mention of you in her blog earlier this week)

    • It is a small world. I thought it was a small world before internet and blogs. But now you are only a click away from anyone in the world. Too cool.

      Yes, Karen is a riot, she is so uplifting that you cannot feel bad when you are around her.

      And Jane at Chilly Hollow has been a great help in spreading the word about my blog and others. She is too nice.

      Thanks for reading, hope you come back often and thanks for comments too. It is always nice to know someone is reading blog. ttfn…sue

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