Sue is computing and stitching

I have been finishing up a couple computer projects. Took a piece to the framer that I want to display at NAN (  Guess maybe I should fill out the entry form too…oh fiddle-dee I worry about that tomorrow. Have been trying to visit my 91 year old uncle every day since he is not doing well. And then there is my family that likes to eat occasionally.

And in my spare time I am stitching the piece I accidently won from Orna Willis ( I showed the kit and explained how I came to win one on my blog Jan 30. orna-1So far this is two days of stitching but I bet the outer part is more time consuming. It is all floss, so everything is laid. But I needed a piece that told me where and when to do what….I think these kits are good when you need something to stitch but just don’t have the energy to select threads and stitches. It keeps you stitching and all you have to do is read and stitch.


I need to go read my bookmarked blogs to see all the wonderful things everyone is stitching.

I’ll be back later this week-end…


One thought on “Sue is computing and stitching

  1. Wow! I have that kit! I can’t even recall if I bought it in New York or here, but the colors are beautiful. It’s definitely a UFO for me now as I cannot find chart and threads. Have fun!

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