Abagail is winging her way home

abs-angel-9  abs-angel-8                                      abs-angel-10




Over the week-end while playing nurse to the surgery patient (Grandson, had nose surgery), I finished my ABS Design angel , Anne Stradal designer (http://thecapestitcher.blogspot.com/ or (http://www.absdesignsonline.com). I asked Anne to paint me a back for the angel and she graciously did it.  I just love this angel, Thank you Anne for all you great work. I could not have done this project without you.

Like I have said before…finishing is not the best part of needlepoint for me (I rather stitch bullions in Marlitt) …but if you are a finisher at heart, this is the best part.Isn’t it wonderful that we all have our own strengths!  I am not a finisher, but for my long time friend I can do anything.

I found the lining fabric at a JoAnn’s store and it is perfect! I finished each piece separately and then joined her sides and top. I originally intended to put a bell in the bottom, but then I decided that would hide the great lining. So I decided she would be finished as a tree topper. She can free stand or if Carol would like I will make her a cute stand out of painted wood.


The real challenge was the cording. Lucky for me I gave this some thought before I started. I knew I wanted two colors of cording: Gold around wings and halo and the Confetti Fuchsia for the skirt. I left the sides open at the waist and joined the rest of the way around the top and sides. The gold cord was easy: point A to point B. The Confetti Fuchsia cording was a bit more challenging. One continuous length would not work. I made one cord the length of one side (Fuchsia cord 2) and the other cord was the length of one side and around the bottom. I looped cord 2 through cord 1; and I also looped cord 1 though itself. I started from the loop of cord 1 and pinned around toward  the knot. When I got to the place cord 2 needed to be placed I pinned the loop in place and came back to pin cord 2  in place after pinning cord 1. I also stitched in the same manner. Of course I had to do it twice because it is easier to stitch from right to left with the needlework facing you and of course the first time I pinned it incorrectly.

It took me the better part of the week-end to finish Abagail but she is now in the mail headed to her new home to do her job.

I’ll be back later in the week with my new project. ttfn…sue


5 thoughts on “Abagail is winging her way home

  1. Hi Aunt Sue,
    I am visiting mom and saw Abigail when I walked into the door. She is beautiful. I love the pink ribbon fabric under her skirt. I can tell it was stiched with love. I told mom I had already seen her angel on your blog. I don’t think she knows what a blog is, but I told her it was like a journal. I just read it to her- she had tears in her eyes.
    Tomorrow is her mastectomy. I will call you and let you know how it went. Say a prayer.
    And sorry that the arranged marriage to Scott didn’t work out. You are not my mother-in-law but you still are, and will forever be, my Aunt Sue! Love you, Deena

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