Angel Completed


 My angel is completed. I love the design and think she is cute as a button. She is from ABS Designs, Anne Stradal designer ( or (

I will make some changes in the next one I stitch, but this one needs to fly off ASAP to bring a smile to my friend. Next time, I would change the panel down the center, definitely should not be pink. I also wonder if an overdye would not be just as effective as the two colors used in the overskirt? I am going to look for a “breast cancer” small print fabric to finish her…any suggestions?

Notice I have not given her a name? I have mixed emotions about giving her a name. My Grandmother used to say that dolls did not need faces because the person that received the doll would see her face and that would become her name. But I always stitch the face first because I think that gives her a personality and usually a name for me. But this time, no name came to me until today when I photographed her. Abagail, came to mind but when I explored my mind to find out why that name came to mind I did not like the thoughts that came to me. I decided I should start with “A” and then I could stitch others for those who might need an angel. I do pray that this is not an omen, and that I need only stitch very few of them. Maybe we all should see if we could stitch something for a breast cancer awareness auction. Does anyone know of such an auction that we could stitch a breast cancer canvas and all the money would go to breast cancer research? I’m game for this.


2 thoughts on “Angel Completed

  1. Sue, a group of us stitched ANG’s stitch of the month project Berryville for Berryville’s Relay for Life auction in 2006 (I think). We raised around $200 for the cause. The squares in assorted colors sold in seconds!

    If you have a local Relay for Life group, they might be interested.

    Jane, waving from CH

  2. FWIW, I’m having my two angels finished with velveteen backs to match the shades of pink on their overskirts. I’d call her Hope. My two, ironically, are both Debbie.

    If you come across an agency that might benefit from a project such as this, let me know and count me in. Just be sure the amount that might be raised is commensurate with the time involved stitching them.

    A great finish–my thoughts and prayers are with your friend. Together, YES WE CAN!!!!!!

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