How I spent my week-end

I took the week-end off from computer work and played.  I stitched, frog stitched and stitched some more…I made progress.
Saturdays progressSunday's progress


I took my angel to a guild stitch-in and asked them if they could see the differences in the gold wings and halo. The consensus was it was not different but appeared that way because the difference in threads (halo is ribbon and wings are braid) and the different angles of the stitches. I’ll take their word for it, sometimes I think we are too critical of our own work.
 I love guild stitch-ins; you get to see so many enabling canvases. Mile High Princess has two 4th of July canvases that would be so-o-o-o cute on my mantle MHP: LD 4 and 5 (cannot find pictures online),  Sharon G Riviera Row  ( , lot of Christmas ornaments and of course a few pieces from Calloway Gardens Needle Arts (

I love to look at everything, it is so interesting to me that many woman have the same interest and yet such different taste in style, color and method of stitching. As a Catholic priest once told me about Catholics: “Catholic is not better than just different from.”  That is true of many things and especially our needlework…none is more correct than another, just different from.

If you would like another exercise in not better than but different from…join Gay Ann Rodgers ( on her web site and pick you favorite background…and then if not a member join Shinning Needle Society (SNS) and weigh in on your favorites and why. Membership to SNS is open to all stitchers, for membership, write to .  I think it has been very interesting, some of my favorites have changed and some of my favorites others do not like at all. Another not better than…just different from.

Another thing I did this week-end was to figure out my way around my Facebook page. I obviously joined in September 2008 to be part of The Needlework Retailer. Then I kept getting invitations to be a friend, but since I didn’t think I had a Facebook account I never responded. My Grandson, Josh told me I had an account but I thought it was just because he used my computer. Well, I do have an account, I do have friends but ya know what? I can barely keep up with a blog and email. So if you need to contact me, phone still the best or email  . I will always prefer to hear the voice of friend or family and I do read my emails…and I guess now occasionally I will open my Facebook account just to see what is going on.

Now I need to get startd on making my Valentine cards for my Grandkids and get them in the mail!


2 thoughts on “How I spent my week-end

    • Thanks. The overskirt is Silk and Ivory from Brown Paper Bag: Dark is 23 Raspberry and the lighter 119 Grenadine. The small cross over 1 is Kreinik #8 Braid: 042Confetti Fuchsia.

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