To compute or stitch?

abs-ange-4 abs-angel-3



Still working on my ABS Angel…I think she is so cute. Everyday life seems to be keeping me from as much stitching as I would like. Also, does anyone else notice the difference in the gold on the left wing? Right wing seems to be alright. This is really strange since all the thread is coming off the same spool. The right wing is a different gold than the halo too. Yet both have the same number, one is a ribbon and the other a braid but that should not make a difference. Oh well, maybe my eyes are just playing tricks on me.

I have another computer project I am working on and today it dawned on me next week is Valentine’s Day and I haven’t stitched heart one. May just have to miss the cupid day  this year and concentrate on St. Pat’s Day.

And then life seems to intervene also…Our Grandson Josh who lives with us sprained his ankle yesterday. At 8:15 (long before a doctor’s office was open) got a call from Josh’s High School. He had twisted his ankle and the nurse thought it should be x-rayed. 3 hours later at a local hospital emergency room, sure enough it was broken. Not a very bad break, the tendon has separated from the bone, they called it an emulsion fracture. But they did immobilize his foot and give him crutches. All of a sudden I noticed him grinning from ear to ear…asked him what was so funny and he said, “I have crutches…these are girl magnets.” Oh to be a teen ager again!

And today was beautiful in the midwest…70 degrees a bit windy but who cares. It was a taste of spring! Had the doors and windows open to get the house aired out.  I know we will pay for this but it was worth every degree! I know I heard that dreaded 4 letter word from one of the weathermen, but I am ignoring it.

Also finally succumbed to Facebook and opened an account. I still don’t know why I need it, but I’ll check it every so ofter and one of these days maybe even spend some time figuring out what’s so great about Facebook. I did join JODY DESIGNS Needlepoint Group. It’s open to all stitchers and looks like it will be fun. I just need a couple days to explore and Josh to show me around. Young people know everything about this new technology.

Tomorrow I am off to stitch with guild friends and so now I need to get back to the computer.


2 thoughts on “To compute or stitch?

  1. I’ve had trouble with the same # Kreinik from two different spools, but not from the same spool! Maybe you need a break! After a while, we can–and sometimes do–get cockeyed!

    • I asked t the stitch in today and they all thought it was just the angle and light; also wings are braid and halo is ribbon. But wait until you see how much I got completed today I am pleased.

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